Thursday, November 29, 2012

I've Moved

Hey, come follow me on my 'new' blog. 
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The new name is creative pr designs.... this blog was prdesigns

Monday, November 26, 2012

Need to Do Some Clean Up

Well, hello there!

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend!   Let the chaos begin twofold!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  It appears that blogger says I'm FULL.  I either have to clean out or pay for more space.  Right now, my mind can't wrap around what I need to do without looking into further options.  I have been writing and posting to this blog for over 6 years.  Is this the end of my form of expression??? Say it ain't so.... 

First I'll do a little clean up and then ... stay tuned!

Happy Cyber Monday!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You Are Doing Just Fine

One fine day I saw these really cute gals and I thought how simple, closed eyes with pretty lashes, pouty lips like a heart ♥, fun and silly hair bobs, collars on the shirt or do-dads sitting on the hair, dresses out of amazing patterned paper and different backgrounds with computer generated type written classic sayings... and then poof, all of sudden... I made bunches of these adorable girlies

Each one is a little master piece of similar but one of a kind artwork.  All of them are for sale!  Tell your friends, okay!!!! I'm okay, you're okay! Kay?

If I 'took it all in' my head would be swimming with even more ideas.  But I am grateful and thankful for each new day... sad, but sometimes I have to convince myself of that.  I think the holidays and the change of seasons always makes one melancholy... but I have to believe that I am doing just fine!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

It's a Wrap

Ok... all the advertising for holiday shopping is getting to me already, and I really don't watch that much tv or read the entire newspaper for ads or open all the emails I get.  I'm overwhelmed!!

But the month of November and December have birthdays (just a few) and then get togethers with family and friends, and everybody you meet talks about how the holidays are here already... and they're not ready, so that makes YOU feel not ready.
Sigh!! (breathe)

I'm okay!  I'll just remember what my dh has always told me, when you are overwhelmed take a step back... and it's like eating an elephant... one bite at a deep breath!!!

We picked up the college boy who took a nice coach bus and was dropped off at a major mall nearby this past Friday night, and then we said adios to Sissy who went on a school field trip to Pigeon Forge Tennessee!  The dogs are so confused with who is in the house and who isn't.  Plus the hubby was out of town the first part of last week on a two night trip to Atlanta... but I'm still here!! sadly I say 'I'm always here... I need to change that, and real soon!!!'

It was a beautiful weekend here in the midwest.... time for walks, cleaning up the yard from all the leaf debris, lovely dinners, wine, home improvements, dusting the cobwebs and even a little play time in my creative space.  So much to do... so little time!

I'm also in the process of reading Harper Lee's To Catch a Mockingbird... so far it is an excellent book. (For book club I'm hosting next month!!) I started knitting a scarf... I've got card orders (I love that.... please always remember.... cards for sale!!!!  Celebrate extraordinary events and remarkable people in your life!!!)

I like being a little bit busy!!! No comments... really, compared to some... my life is soooo quiet!!

 Come back and visit with me again.  This weekend is a wrap!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Slug Bug

Dear Blog followers:  I hate to say this, it saddens me to admit it....
no new projects to show you!!! 

But don't be too disappointed, these are never before seen photos of adorable and colorful VW's.  A few months ago my bean counting DH and I walked up the street to one of the local car dealers who were hosting strictly a VW bug & mini bus car show.  It was so cute and nostalgic!

 The pride in ownership was evident.  Some of the Beetles were fully restored... and some were tenderly cared for.  But they all made us smile!
Although I'm not a car enthusiast... I'm always open to LEARN new things.  It was a great day (look at the beautiful blue skies in the background) and we went to a place where a lot of people enjoy what they do.  I so appreciate passion and dedication.  Best of all... it was FREE!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bad, Bad Weed

Cute, cute little video!

Did this work?  Did it capture your attention?  That is all part of marketing, get their attention ... and draw them in.

But there is a story of a bad, bad weed.  We have an area in the back 40 of our yard and things grow...wild!!! Those thorny weeds that grow up into trees and squeeze the life out of them... we have a few of those... and every year we chop and cut and cut and chop them.  Then we mow back there and some weed is creeping out into the lawn and it nabs you... and you get tangled in it's web. Or we trim tree limbs and the dang thing grabs your arm!!!! Then we chop it again.... I didn't think a thing of it today when I went to spread the remains of my cute porch hay bundle that I got for fall decorating.

I'm tossing hay into the wind and all of sudden my finger is aching and bleeding!!!  Dag Nab it.... I caught my left pointer finger on one of the THORN stubs... man it still hurts!!!! That weed is still trying to get me... it's dead, chopped and dormant.... it got me!!!!

But, I have to post a cute picture of Fuzzy bear.  I guess I actually took a short video of him being super cute. Click the little triangle to play... it only takes a few seconds. 

After the post gets published... I'll see if this new techie video worked.  Oh, and by the way... my Instagram pictures there in the right column ----> they up date!  Way cool... check out my messy desk and my morning chai tea... and yesterday's slipper pics!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Poppin Poseys

Poppin UP all over!

If you read my blog post yesterday (or scroll down to view my entire vent/rant/rambling) you can see that lately, I'm all about LEARNING and less about cardmaking!  But truly, I'm up in my creative space doodling, typing, taking pictures, editing pictures, gluing, coloring...honest.

Now I've added another way of 'showing off my creativity'.... Instagram!  It's me taking pictures with my phone (go figure.... I'm taking pictures with my phone) then, I'm altering the pictures slightly and posting them through Instagram and getting funky pictures... like those to the right ---> (click on one to bring you to a slightly larger picture, in most cases with descriptions.)

Supposedly, these will be updated in real time... so I guess that means after I take a picture with my phone and I apply it too the Instagram app... it will update here on my blog!!!!

Wow, that is really mind blowing to me!!

Anyway, the above picture is a mixed media collage.  Did I post this before?  I swear, now that I'm working 30+ hours a week outside the home, my days are no longer my own.  I have to go into my creative space to de-compress.... but  now I'm playing with so many TECHNICAL toys... I need to get back to 'hand' crafts.

Stay tuned....

Monday, November 12, 2012

Techie Bird

The ideas keep coming! 
I'm learning something new every day... and loving every bit of it.  But I must admit that I'm a technoligical overload.

On the above picture I learned how to add the misty edges and the text that lays on top of the photo... (forget about the actual layout I saw on a challenge for Mojo Monday and that I saw something similar while blurfing) that's all stuff I learned from tutorials on Splitcoast Stampers that someone gave me a link... and then I followed how to do this in PSE8 (Photo Shope Elements 8)  That Photo Shop learning has been within the last 4 months.

Then at work, I've set up the phone, fax/printer/copier, am learning a Outlook, which is NEW email to me, plus learning the company computer programs for chart notes and information on patients and doctors offices...scheduling my boss with Google Maps... enough about that.... plus the family got NEW IPHONE 4S and having to learn that... it's more than just learning a phone... it's all the social media that goes with that... pictures with your phone called Instagram... adding APPS (aplications)... links and feeds, downloads... my head is spinning from all the new stuff I'm learning.

But, we got a dose of reality Sunday night.... don't know why yet.... but with a snap, crackle and a big *POP* our power went out for 1-1/2 hours. 

Pitch black

.... with homemade pizza in the oven.  We ate it mostly cooked by candle light!  The street behind us had power... we can't figure out what might have made it snap! Some neighbors saw a flash... we have huge ComEd towers behind us in the field.  We had heavy winds most of the day, (but just windy... not like high gale force)  and it was in the 60's.... very un-usual.  The rain started mid afternoon....

but when you don't have power... you think about those hit and devistated by MAJOR storms... and they are out of power now for days or weeks.... you think oh, I'll just go check my email... oh, I'll just go read a book... oh I'll just watch some tv.... but you can't!  Makes you step back and say... whoa....

This little birdie is telling me I need to slow down a bit!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Brave Bird

Tweet, tweet...
The size is very deceptive!

 The top picture is the back cover of my newest Art Journal... I think!  I think it's my new art journal because I created it with a lot of blank pages.  Clean, crisp, white pages.... to doodle, paint, dream and create!!

As part of my on-line class from Brave Girls Art School.... so, so loved the class.  I L-LEARNED to feel more comfortable about collage art... which was putting together on a 10" x 14" canvas (2 in this case, front and back covers).... acrylic paint (using paint brushes and fingers and popsicle sticks), fabric (and lace and fiber) and paper pieces (embossed and patterned), mod podge and other silly and fun doo dads.... and creating a whimsical expression of unique ART.
Oh, here are the blank pages!  You'll have to stay tuned... probably into 2013 to see what wonderful master pieces they turn into!!!!

Here is a side view with the 2" rings for binding the book together.  Not sure if I will keep this as the binding... it isn't working as smooth as I hoped when I open it. I have a few other ideas for the binding. But for now I can easily take the pages out!

I certainly think it's a BRAVE step to think outside the box... this Year of Self... I'm trying often (almost every day) to SEEK, EXPLORE, LEARN, & FIND new things to inspire me to be a better self.

Oh, I've not left behind my cardmaking and all the other crafty things that are part of my heART... this is just what I'm doing, today!!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Stretch-ing my Creativity

These yoga cards are part of a series of 5! 

 I just got up off my bum (arse, buttocks, @ss) to see if I could really stretch like this... and you know what?  I can.  It felt good, I think know I need to do more, they are called Uttihita Trikonasana.... extended triangle! 
I'm also stretching my creativity... with the simple doodled stick figure, but I also did the my own hibiscus background paper.  One Saturday, after cleaning the house and getting the laundry started and while listening to a football game.... I sat down and doodled a whole page (8-1/2" x 11") of pink and mauve and reddish flowers.  And then I did a One Sheet Wonder(OSW) and took that background page and only made 5 of the 10 possible card layouts. 

For you non-cardmakers.... sorry if this is a bit technical (ha ha) Cardmaking technical?.... but bottom line.... I made 5 simply adorable cards for a friend to give as a gift.... for someone who is 'pink' savvy..... they are a survivor! 

And if I can spread a little sunSHINE and
Brighten Someone's Day....
I will stretch my creativity... because you know what? 
I can!!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tag of the Day

 These may be a repeat on 'show casing' my creativity... little ole tags....I know I have been creative in greetings and journaling .... but sadly, this is all I've got for you today.

 I must not be doing my blog job very well... hmmm...

Speaking of odd jobs... have you noticed more road kill on the highways lately?  Segway: Now that I drive the same road over and over again, day after day to my DAY job... I notice things (as part of SEEKING to be aware) and I'm seeing a lot of squished animals... I laugh at the same time on this particular stretch of highway... the roadkill is beyond smushed by now (thus the fact of odd jobs... wasn't that part of the city road department to clean up animal carcases... I think it's a job that has been eliminated... due to cuts)

Anyway.... so one of God's creatures is dearly departed (at this point for weeks or more than a month) ... but it's fluffy tale is still in tact... and every time a car zooms by... it stands at attention for a brief second.... and then falls back to the pavement. It's saluting me as I drive by!

Another job I would not like to have... a teller in the bank in our grocery store.  A bank in the grocery store?  No more 'banker's hours' for these tellers!!!   They're open on Sundays... and at least once a month they stop us as we finish at our self-check out trying to get us to open a 'free' checking account.... then I saw one of the tellers walking  up the aisles, handing out flyers to attract more customers... I try and be nice and smile... I know it's her job... but ugh!

We have been shopping there for over 6 years... and we have been doing business at our bank for the same amount of time.... we don't think the two should mix... but as I was saying... another job I wouldn't want to have.

Oh my... what job am I meant for? stay tuned!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Celebrate Your Blessings

There are so many reasons to celebrate
and count your blessings... and sometimes that is
so hard to do. 

This was a simple doodle card based off a Marisse Carrier design.  I love her simple shapes and designs.  With the orange and burgundy I think it gives it a warm fall feel.

It's time to celebrate anything.... life mainly!!
I often have lots of time to think... my mind is in constant motion and I must admit that it isn't always working it's magic in the positive vibe.  I think about would life be 'better' (or should I say different) if I was of a simple mind and more accepting to the change around me, go through life clueless to the feelings and struggles of those around me?  Or should I be more goal oriented and bull my way through and let nothing or no one stop me in getting what I want? And even have less feelings for those I'd ignore on the way up.

I guess for me, I'll take a happy medium... a little of this and that and in moderation.  Right in the middle... just that constant... middle America... my house is right in the middle of the street... I'm middle age....

But right now there is a small part of me saying there has got to be more.... or is it saying, be happy ... you have enough!  Celebrate the blessings!!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Boo from the Crew!

It's November!
Did you get booed yesterday??

The picture above is something I doodled, but is not my original design... it's been posted on my desk bulletin board forEVER... I like looking at it, it makes me smile!!!

We had 42 little goblins visit us last night, that is about 20 - 30 down from years in the past.  I read on another blog that their numbers were down too!  How come???

Lots of little wee ones came to visit, they were fun to see. Their fun and fuzzy costumes are too too cute!  I think it kept them warm in our cold 45 degree mid west weather!

  I must admit most ALL the kids this year actually said "Trick or Treat" and most ALL said Thank You!  Shocking! 

But two funny things I noticed... a group of about 6 girls about 10-14 years old (all dressed up) stopped by... one girl asked me if she could have extra candy for her friend.  I thought that was a weird request... for her friend, what? who hadn't come along treatin?  But I gave her extra candy... and then she pointed to the friend next to her who was on a "CELL PHONE" talking and couldn't open her treat bag.... WHAT?  and then another weird thing... I saw the cute little pumpkin totes, and pillow cases and even plastic grocery bags... but one girl (about 14 years old) just held out her hand.... she was putting her candy in her friends' bag.

What surprises lurk around the corner for my next post?


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