Thursday, November 08, 2012

Brave Bird

Tweet, tweet...
The size is very deceptive!

 The top picture is the back cover of my newest Art Journal... I think!  I think it's my new art journal because I created it with a lot of blank pages.  Clean, crisp, white pages.... to doodle, paint, dream and create!!

As part of my on-line class from Brave Girls Art School.... so, so loved the class.  I L-LEARNED to feel more comfortable about collage art... which was putting together on a 10" x 14" canvas (2 in this case, front and back covers).... acrylic paint (using paint brushes and fingers and popsicle sticks), fabric (and lace and fiber) and paper pieces (embossed and patterned), mod podge and other silly and fun doo dads.... and creating a whimsical expression of unique ART.
Oh, here are the blank pages!  You'll have to stay tuned... probably into 2013 to see what wonderful master pieces they turn into!!!!

Here is a side view with the 2" rings for binding the book together.  Not sure if I will keep this as the binding... it isn't working as smooth as I hoped when I open it. I have a few other ideas for the binding. But for now I can easily take the pages out!

I certainly think it's a BRAVE step to think outside the box... this Year of Self... I'm trying often (almost every day) to SEEK, EXPLORE, LEARN, & FIND new things to inspire me to be a better self.

Oh, I've not left behind my cardmaking and all the other crafty things that are part of my heART... this is just what I'm doing, today!!!!

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