Monday, November 12, 2012

Techie Bird

The ideas keep coming! 
I'm learning something new every day... and loving every bit of it.  But I must admit that I'm a technoligical overload.

On the above picture I learned how to add the misty edges and the text that lays on top of the photo... (forget about the actual layout I saw on a challenge for Mojo Monday and that I saw something similar while blurfing) that's all stuff I learned from tutorials on Splitcoast Stampers that someone gave me a link... and then I followed how to do this in PSE8 (Photo Shope Elements 8)  That Photo Shop learning has been within the last 4 months.

Then at work, I've set up the phone, fax/printer/copier, am learning a Outlook, which is NEW email to me, plus learning the company computer programs for chart notes and information on patients and doctors offices...scheduling my boss with Google Maps... enough about that.... plus the family got NEW IPHONE 4S and having to learn that... it's more than just learning a phone... it's all the social media that goes with that... pictures with your phone called Instagram... adding APPS (aplications)... links and feeds, downloads... my head is spinning from all the new stuff I'm learning.

But, we got a dose of reality Sunday night.... don't know why yet.... but with a snap, crackle and a big *POP* our power went out for 1-1/2 hours. 

Pitch black

.... with homemade pizza in the oven.  We ate it mostly cooked by candle light!  The street behind us had power... we can't figure out what might have made it snap! Some neighbors saw a flash... we have huge ComEd towers behind us in the field.  We had heavy winds most of the day, (but just windy... not like high gale force)  and it was in the 60's.... very un-usual.  The rain started mid afternoon....

but when you don't have power... you think about those hit and devistated by MAJOR storms... and they are out of power now for days or weeks.... you think oh, I'll just go check my email... oh, I'll just go read a book... oh I'll just watch some tv.... but you can't!  Makes you step back and say... whoa....

This little birdie is telling me I need to slow down a bit!

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