Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Poppin Poseys

Poppin UP all over!

If you read my blog post yesterday (or scroll down to view my entire vent/rant/rambling) you can see that lately, I'm all about LEARNING and less about cardmaking!  But truly, I'm up in my creative space doodling, typing, taking pictures, editing pictures, gluing, coloring...honest.

Now I've added another way of 'showing off my creativity'.... Instagram!  It's me taking pictures with my phone (go figure.... I'm taking pictures with my phone) then, I'm altering the pictures slightly and posting them through Instagram and getting funky pictures... like those to the right ---> (click on one to bring you to a slightly larger picture, in most cases with descriptions.)

Supposedly, these will be updated in real time... so I guess that means after I take a picture with my phone and I apply it too the Instagram app... it will update here on my blog!!!!

Wow, that is really mind blowing to me!!

Anyway, the above picture is a mixed media collage.  Did I post this before?  I swear, now that I'm working 30+ hours a week outside the home, my days are no longer my own.  I have to go into my creative space to de-compress.... but  now I'm playing with so many TECHNICAL toys... I need to get back to 'hand' crafts.

Stay tuned....

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