Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Stretch-ing my Creativity

These yoga cards are part of a series of 5! 

 I just got up off my bum (arse, buttocks, @ss) to see if I could really stretch like this... and you know what?  I can.  It felt good, I think know I need to do more, they are called Uttihita Trikonasana.... extended triangle! 
I'm also stretching my creativity... with the simple doodled stick figure, but I also did the my own hibiscus background paper.  One Saturday, after cleaning the house and getting the laundry started and while listening to a football game.... I sat down and doodled a whole page (8-1/2" x 11") of pink and mauve and reddish flowers.  And then I did a One Sheet Wonder(OSW) and took that background page and only made 5 of the 10 possible card layouts. 

For you non-cardmakers.... sorry if this is a bit technical (ha ha) Cardmaking technical?.... but bottom line.... I made 5 simply adorable cards for a friend to give as a gift.... for someone who is 'pink' savvy..... they are a survivor! 

And if I can spread a little sunSHINE and
Brighten Someone's Day....
I will stretch my creativity... because you know what? 
I can!!!!

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