Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bad, Bad Weed

Cute, cute little video!

Did this work?  Did it capture your attention?  That is all part of marketing, get their attention ... and draw them in.

But there is a story of a bad, bad weed.  We have an area in the back 40 of our yard and things grow...wild!!! Those thorny weeds that grow up into trees and squeeze the life out of them... we have a few of those... and every year we chop and cut and cut and chop them.  Then we mow back there and some weed is creeping out into the lawn and it nabs you... and you get tangled in it's web. Or we trim tree limbs and the dang thing grabs your arm!!!! Then we chop it again.... I didn't think a thing of it today when I went to spread the remains of my cute porch hay bundle that I got for fall decorating.

I'm tossing hay into the wind and all of sudden my finger is aching and bleeding!!!  Dag Nab it.... I caught my left pointer finger on one of the THORN stubs... man it still hurts!!!! That weed is still trying to get me... it's dead, chopped and dormant.... it got me!!!!

But, I have to post a cute picture of Fuzzy bear.  I guess I actually took a short video of him being super cute. Click the little triangle to play... it only takes a few seconds. 

After the post gets published... I'll see if this new techie video worked.  Oh, and by the way... my Instagram pictures there in the right column ----> they up date!  Way cool... check out my messy desk and my morning chai tea... and yesterday's slipper pics!!!

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