Monday, November 05, 2012

Celebrate Your Blessings

There are so many reasons to celebrate
and count your blessings... and sometimes that is
so hard to do. 

This was a simple doodle card based off a Marisse Carrier design.  I love her simple shapes and designs.  With the orange and burgundy I think it gives it a warm fall feel.

It's time to celebrate anything.... life mainly!!
I often have lots of time to think... my mind is in constant motion and I must admit that it isn't always working it's magic in the positive vibe.  I think about would life be 'better' (or should I say different) if I was of a simple mind and more accepting to the change around me, go through life clueless to the feelings and struggles of those around me?  Or should I be more goal oriented and bull my way through and let nothing or no one stop me in getting what I want? And even have less feelings for those I'd ignore on the way up.

I guess for me, I'll take a happy medium... a little of this and that and in moderation.  Right in the middle... just that constant... middle America... my house is right in the middle of the street... I'm middle age....

But right now there is a small part of me saying there has got to be more.... or is it saying, be happy ... you have enough!  Celebrate the blessings!!!!

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