Friday, October 29, 2010

One mans' garbage is....

- babies are sweet
- Sunny with a chance of cold
- An observation

To go along with the super cute Special Delivery mini scrap book that I mentioned in yesterday's blog post, here is the 'matching' card I sent along with the wonderful gift.  The cute baby image is from Thinkin, Blinkin & Inkin  I just used left over scraps from the book and think it's nice to tie in the gift, with the card.  Using primarily SU! punches this wonderful artist creates the CUTEST punch art.  She is amazing!!!!

Well today is the coldest morning I've woken up to in some time.  It says 27.  Tucker's little feet were crunching on the grass as he was looking for his morning spot.  But there is hope, it is a sunny day.  And it's Friday!! And now my insides are all warm from another morning Chai tea.

An observation:  Nothing more... when you are home, every day and you walk dogs through out the neighborhood every day, you just see things. 

Our garbage pick up service has evolved.  I think it is very good by the way.  We have special cans for trash, another for recycle and another for yard refuse.  3 cans, 3 different colors.  Of course we pay for the service, well and the cans for that matter.  There are directions on the cans....face arrows toward the street.  There is an automated arm that reaches out from the Garbage truck to lift the can and dump it's contents in the back.  The guy really doesn't have to do a thing, but hit a button.  Except for the dufus who puts his can backwards, or puts one can behind the other (the arm can't reach OVER) and the other thing that 'bugs' me.... putting one item separate from the trash to the side or behind it (put it in the can) or the bundling of carpet scraps or tree limbs.  No Garbage man wants to pick up your stinking carpet that you just tossed at the curb, nor does he want to sort through your sticks and twigs that you weren't kind enough to bundle with twine.  I've actually seen our garbage guy just leave stuff because there is no way he can pick it up. I also find it humorous that one neighbor will never ever know his trash blows all over the neighborhood (at least put the bills and envelopes through a shredder) and his cans arent picked up until the next day, because the neighbor no longer wanted them in his yard.   I just find it humorous that people can't even follow the directions on the top of the can.  But life does go on, doesn't it?  Thank you, my rant is done.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Special Delivery Baby boy

- Baby Mini Scrap book
- This and that
I finished another mini scrap book from the Special Delivery tutorials of Laura at Following the Paper Trail. I hate to admit this, but it's almost 6 hours worth of video off of UStream to follow her directions.  She does talk a lot, so thank goodness it's recorded and you can skip to the parts she is actually showing you what to do.  The one thing I love, love, love about her is that she is an artist too, and she shows how she makes things without buying all the tools or specialty stuff. She often states as I hope I do, I am very fortunate I can draw and doodle and follow directions because I can make things that some people have to buy.   Don't get me wrong, you may need a punch or a jagged edge scissors, but she takes the time to show you how to put stuff together to make it work.  This special boy book is for my dear friend BE in Utah, she just became a grandma for the first time (sshhhh, she is a young 48)
Thursday, yay.  Can't wait for the elections to be over.  Can't wait to get rid of the Halloween candy laying about.  It's chilly out today, had some yummy Chai tea, now all my insides are warmed up.  Nature did some pruning yesterday... I might have to get on my long underwear to go outside and do some clean up!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I want my mummy!

- Your Mummy loves you
- I'll do it, pick me
- Observations

This Mummy card is an oldie, but a goodie.  A fun, solid, basic Halloween card.  A lot of times people say they don't celebrate Halloween.  You don't HAVE to!!  That's fine.  But really, who doesn't love to receive fun mail instead of bills.... so Halloween cards can be fun!!!

Was at my kids high school this morning assisting the mom in charge of the booster club Teacher Appreciation breakfast.  I just helped re-stock items and do cleaning here and there.  They had this awesome brunch sponsored be SENIORS parents, completely and totally under control.  Bagels and donuts, danish and muffins, fruit & yogurt, juice and water.  It was really beautifully layed out!!  I was the entertainment... well I made the other mom laugh a few times and kept her company for 2-1/2 hours.

An observation:  I know, picky... picky.... the other day while taking Sissy to her Drivers Ed class, for the first session you really need to be there to sign your kid in and make your first payment etc.... as DH often says, the are amongst us!!!  This mom & daughter walked in a few people in front of me and very loudly states... "I brought nothing with us.  Oh, and by the way, how much is this?"  She appeared to be clueless.  Granted, I checked the pamphlet just before I left the house so I would know if I need her birth certificate or a down payment.... private drivers ed is NOT a drop in the bucket.  And then she proceeds to suck down her Starbucks and roll her eyes as the employee figures out her bill.  I think she was the same mom last night picking up her precious child who stopped and parked her car while on her cell phone on the one lane entrance into the parking lot of the facility.... she didn't see she was 'blocking' traffic until the 4th car behind her started honking!! In yesterday's local paper there was an article about a 16 year old who was texting while driving and ran into a house and garage. The girl was not injured and there was only structural damage.   Sissy wouldn't read the article.  She says "MOM, I'm not going to text and drive!!" But Sissy also told me last night her 2nd class was really funny 'cuz the kid down a desk from her was "stoned" and gave really funny answers.  But then she tells me he was making up a class.... oh how fun!  Cross your fingers he doesn't drive the car heading toward you nor does he drive the car my daughter is in when she learns behind the wheel.  THEY walk amongst us!!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Creepy ha ha haaaaaaaa

- Lilly & Herman Munster
- Blondie Snow White & Hockey Champ
- Post office observation

Okay guys, this post took me an hour just to upload.  These are scanned photos from 1988 and 2000 respectively.  Now I know why I don't scan.  A. Either I don't know how or B. I know how but this is long process!!!

Over at the HOS (House of Shine) the topic of the day is favorite Halloween activities.  In the olden days.... dh (dear hubby) and I were quite handsome.  I had free creativity back then.  I had tons of fun finding the costumes of clothing at Goodwill and adapting/building it so it would work.  And I really love our make up job!!!
Sissy's (5) costume is a hand-me-over from a real costume designer friend while we lived in Wisconsin.  It is very well built!!  (That's costume ease, you build a costume not sew) Bubba (7) was just discovering ice hockey and we put together his costume from his street hockey stuff.  He eventually put on his roller blades to go trick or treating.

An observation:  So, I understand if you haven't been in the post office lately, you probably dread going in there, the long lines and the dreary postal workers.  But dude.... if you have to walk out of your way to avoid the big pole with the number dispenser on it, you have problems!!!  The last two times I went to the post office the slightly older people in front of me are totally focused, or clueless, as they get in line.  I guess our post office has line jumpers, you can't just stand in an orderly fashion in order, behind the long desks that weaves it's way to the postal clerks station.  You now also need to TAKE A NUMBERSuspender pants didn't take a number.  I saw it when he walked in.  I took my number.  What?  Am I supposed to educate the ENTIRE world?  Suspender pants finally 'gets it' after the 3rd number is called in front of him.  He turns back to me, the line has grown by now, behind me..... "what are you supposed to take a number? where do you get the numbers?"  I say yes, you get them at the door when you enter.  He asks again, "where do you get the number?"  I repeat myself, and in a jokingly way in my mind as I write this I want to say "what? did I stutter?"   Then what should I do?  Give him my number and ask the person behind me to give me their number and so on, and so on....  I bet this guy wont be coming to the post office again real soon.  And I bet he went home and complained about what you have to do just being in line at the post office!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Too soon?

- Politically correct Holiday cards? or Christmas Card
- Go Packers
- The agenda

Okay, so what to you think?  or, ok whatda ya think?  Sometimes I hate PC (politically correct).  Lots of controversy lately in the news about people on the news and articles in the paper of being PC, as to NOT offend anybody.  So, for right now, this is a Winter card!  I certainly wouldn't give it to someone in the dead heat of the summer?  This card is the last in a series of 12 coffee cards for CKB who has been part of the COTM (card of the month club) I love the pop of red!  Off today to Hobby Lobby to find me some more Christmas/Holiday/Winter papers!!!

Almost a heart attack Pack game last night on Sunday Nite Football.  So fun to watch the Packers vs. Vikings and Brett Favre.  Loved him when he played for the Packers.  Did you see the skit on SNL, the commercial for  Wrangler Jeans and Brett Favre.... open Fly jeans HERE

It appears Bubba's car is having some speedometer issues today.  He's bringing his car back at lunch and taking mine.  That means I gotta get moving to run my errands!  And speaking of cars.... Sissy starts Driver's Ed today.  Life is just moving on!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happiness Factor

As hard as I am trying.... ugh.... my HP computer is NOT doing what I am asking!  Aaargh.  Thus I think, where is the Happiness Factor.  How can I create, design or even try to get on my blog when the computer shuts down!

I'm a day behind.  3 University visits in 7 days.
UW-LaCrosse yesterday, ALL DAY!
I'm used to getting on my blog before 8 am
I'm used to walking my doggies
Sunshine not today
Driving for 7 hours and 520 miles
But ya know... I got my health and my family
What do I have to complain about??!!

I need to find that Happiness Factor, again!
(OMG!  While typing this I got booted off)
Need to go back to bed!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thinking outside all the boxes

- Faux Postage
- Trying something new
- How to think

Ever since I saw it come out as a design on Splitcoast Stampers, I have loved, LOVED this postage stamp idea.  I have made a variety of these cards.  Using a little (rubber) stamp, adding a smudge of color in the middle of the computer generated stamped image of the stamp (the original had 39 c on it, that number has had to change) using pinking shears to cut it out like a perforated 'real' stamp.  This is so much fun!   I made three similar cards and sent them out to participants of the COTM (card of the month club)

Well, as you can see, my blog background is a little different.  I'm bored!  Just going through their designer templates to see if I can find anything more exciting.  It may take a while because the choices are limited.  I wish I was a bit more computer literate to make my own!

So, if you missed my blog post yesterday, so did I.  Took a road trip to visit some dear friends in Union Grove, WI.  Nice day!  I still can't believe I call Illinois my home! 

Can I just say I love, LOVE, love creative people.  I want to learn so much.  From friends and from people who post great ideas and share their talent on the blogs.  I mean those people on the right side of this post, over there ----->

Happy Fall Day

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


- Get any fun mail lately?
- Countdowns
- Frost on the pumpkins

I went out to the mailbox the other day and it was magazines, candidate postcards, mail from 5 different Universities for Bubba and bills.... no fun mail.  It can't be possible that the only FUN mail I get is on my birthday?  That got me thinking, I bet there are a lot of my friends out there who would love to get some FUN mail, from me, or from you or from anyone!!!  Bright envelope, cute card, kind words!!  I know of a place to get the cards {{wink}} Although I'm displaying my latest scrapped up birthday card with layers and brads and a cute 2d Martha Stewart punched butterfly.... I do have whimsical friend cards in my stash!!

Countdowns to Halloween, countdowns to elections, countdowns to Christmas break.  I'm just counting down getting through today!

A little frosty in the midwest this morning.  Indian Summer is saying goodbye.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Family Fall Photos 2010

- Tradition
- Our family
- College

Slightly past our peak here in Northern Illinois, but a beautiful sunny day to go out and take our annual fall pictures.  One happy family!

Also this past weekend we were in Iowa checking out two colleges for Bubba. The University of Iowa and Northern Iowa University.   Uof I is a big 10 school, think Hawkeye football.  The presentation for incoming students and their families was totally awesome.  Who wouldn't want to go there if you could afford it.  Over 30,000 students.  Bubba would be interested in the Honors program (that through me for a loop) but we had a special tour by the honors group, that was very impressive.  And now he is talking about Business as a major, so we got a special tour of the Business college.

The next day we drove 70 miles to NIU.... a small school of 13,000.  Of the incoming freshman class, 1,400 only 145 are from out of state.  It appeared to us that NIU was an extension of local highschools and a bigger school for those transferring from community college. Nice campus.

Our next tour is UW-LaCrosse, hmmmmmm

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Don't adjust the Brightness

- Cheers to you
- The most handsome dog in the world
- Finals

Making cards to add to the Yellow Awning Shoppe over at the House of Shine.

Well, don't think I'm just outside enjoying this beautiful fall weather we are having in Northern Illinois, I have so much more on my plate.  But I do admit, when I'm outside I really try to absorb the day, take in the sunshine, the blue sky, the slight warmth on my face, the crackling of the leaves.... the sights, the sounds, and the smells.
Isn't he the most stoic and regal dog you have ever seen?  My trusty friend, 'Sly'
 Cooper Robinson.  Coopy  (yes, sounds like you are saying POOPY) to his bestest pals!

One parting shot,
fall.... most of these leaves have fallen.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Indian Summer

Walking in my neighborhood and the colors I can see
bright red

Hurry!  take a picture
before they fall to the ground
but then the fun of
Crunch, crunch, crunch
You can see the color
feel the crispness
and smell the seasons changing.
snapshots of fall in my neighborhood

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One Fall Day

I so much liked the idea of taking snap shots of the day, after yesterday's post I took my Kodak Easy Share, point and shoot camera, and snapped a few pictures... first around the house
beautiful fall orange hues,
 and also
bright blue skies.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Natures Snapshot

- Ever been a part of someone's fan club?
- Falling fast

I'm happy to say, for once, that this card is all mine!  Although I saw the basic layout on some challenge, colors and style are all mine.  Is there any original art.... I mean especially in cardmaking?   Wait, maybe the 'origniallity' only counts when I draw/doodle my own cute animal, hmmm.... you might have to make that call. 

I was going to put a sticker in the flower spot, but upon further examination, I determined with a circle punch, and a flower punch, two different color markers and a pop dot, I could create the exact same effect. Cuttlebugged the background paper and just used scraps to add color, I like the mono chromatic theme.

It was a beautiful fall weekend here in Northern Illinois.  A bit too warm, actually.  Had to have the airconditioning on.  I think as I take the dogs for a walk in a bit, I'm going to try and take my digital camera to capture some of God's golden moments.
I was thinking before I got up this morning... can you believe just a mere maybe not even 5 years ago, having a digital camera was a huge expense.  Not very many people had them.  Now 5 year old kids know how to manage them and snap pictures all the time.

No film, no wait time, no developing costs, instant picture taking, holding those memories, snap! And delete!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

What makes me happy!

- Find the joy in little things
-10 things Science says Will make you happy

Making a card and it turning out, makes me happy! What would make me even more happy is giving the card away to make someone else happy!  (well yes, making some money while I create my happy card will be the icing on the cake) I love watching happy crafters on YouTube and Ustream.... happy creative people!!

I'm doing a little scientific study and found an actual scientific study 10 ways to make you happy  here's  the link.

The number one thing that will make you happy is stopping to smell the roses. Savor Everyday moments.

Avoid Comparisons.  Focus on personal achievements, not how you compare to the Jones.

Put Money Low on the list, The more we seek satisfactions in material goods, the less we find them there

We actually require a sense of meaning to thrive, Have Meaningful Goals

Take Initiative at Work well, I guess if you don't work outside the home... in whatever activities you do, like volunteer work.

6.   Make Friends, Treasure Family  
7.   Smile Even When You Don’t Feel Like It
8.   Say Thank You Like You Mean It
9.   Get Out and Exercise
10. Give It Away, Give It Away Now!

Wow, I can't wait to try all these things!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Getting Caught

- Hand in the cookie jar

Cute card and just one layer with stamping only.  Stamps by Judith. 

I feel as if my hand is in the cookie jar and I haven't got caught, quite yet. 

Eeeek!  What to do?  You don't know me, I'm anonymous.... except I blogged this!  Over at the House of Shine Claudia is talking about SHINING and has a new video out about the

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Yummy Goodness

- Envelope Mini Scrapbooks
- The Set Up
- Movie Review
These mini envelope scrapbooks measure 4-1/2" x 6".  And as Laura at Following the Paper Trail says " They have a lot of real estate Which translated means, that if you really like the mini scrapbook style, as opposed to the big bulky store bought scrapbooks, these minis with all the pockets and tags and clip-ons and fold outs ... actually can hold a lot of different things in a very small space. Good for scrapbooking one moment in time, since they are mini.
The cover on this one has a lot of similarities to things done with Heidi Swapp and the House of 3 and what they are calling their Parisian Anthology.  To me it's the cute banner , the crepe paper that I stictched to a ruffle,the lolly pop flower and the grunge look with the Martha Stewart butterfly.

Last night we had our yummy turkey potstickers, its a Rachel Ray Recipe.  Sissy 'doesn't like" the turkey, although you can barely taste it in the dumpling with all the other Chinese yummy flavors... including freshly grated Ginger & garlic.  She would always want a veggie only dumpling.  I didn't want to make her special food... and Bubba, my sous chef of the evening understood....SHE SHOULD EAT LIKE THE REST OF US!  He 'runs' to get her at after school v-ball practice, thus the set up.  I didn't want to hear her b*tch  & moan, so I made her 5 little special dumplings... veggie only.  She walks in the door complaining, yadda yadda.... I said.... what?  I made you special veggie ones darlin'.... to Bubba's amazed crazed face.  I then said it was all a set up.... sucka!!!!!  What a mommy will do to keep the peace!

Whilst the children were at their homecoming dance this past Saturday,  I got the dear ole Hubby to take me to a movie.  At the movie theatre!!! Can you believe $10 a ticket???  We went to see The Social Network.  I give it two thumbs up and **** stars.  You kind of need to understand Facebook a bit.... and some of the dialogue is loud and quick....very much written for college kids to get it!  But I thought it was very entertaining!  Now I feel really, really dumb!!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Silly Bird

- Peep at you
- My week at a glance (well not my week)
- Hope on wing and a prayer

More punch art.  Cute Stuff from Little hearts for beaks, silly head 'feathers' made from flowers, flower petals for bird feet.  Need a good line to go inside the card.... cuckoo for you? This card I think could easily go through the mail without causing problems to the sorting machine. It's flat, yet dimensional.

The kid's highschool won their homecoming football game.  It was a cold night for the dance on Saturday, fall has made it to the mid-west.  Sissy looked pretty. I'll transfer photos soon.  Bubba had fun at his 'last' high school homecoming dance.  Sissy said.... eh? it was okay.  My week at a glance.... gather snacks for v-ball players, donating money, cleaning the house, walking the dogs, waiting for the guy who brings the bacon home to make it here from NYC.... other glances are much more fun-ner.

I was reading something, I know I didn't make it up. I'm not that smart!  But I'm fortunate right now to choose an area where I would like to work.  Something I would enjoy to do and I don't have to settle to take a job that I'm over qualified, under paid... I should do something I love.  Other than knowing this step, I don't know what the heck the next thing would be to do to get to the next step.  Help!


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