Friday, December 31, 2010

Jamaica 'mon

- Zip line fun
Don't know exactly what a zip line is? Go here to get the basics. It's an aerial runway. To get to one of my destinations, I had to climb this 50' telephone pole with those little hooks!! Crazy???

One of the 5 different zip lines we got to challenge, was this swing made for 3.... Hubby let er rip and we dropped down another 50' or so. Your stomach is literally in your throat! Good screaming though!!! What a rush! Check here if you want to see the H'Evans Scent location we were at!!
Luckily, this was the FIRST platform that we got to walk up. Wasn't just that light pole. The owner of the place was there that day. A very fit gentleman with an awesome English accent. We had no idea we were in the presence of an English celebrity of sorts. (he even has his own wikipedia site) Check out Mr. Motivator here! He ran a tight ship and we really had an awesome time!! Something to check off my bucket list!!!!
Our clan, ready to take our first jump!!

That's our ship in the background! Tiny customs building in Jamaica. Fantastic!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

How much does a Seg way?

-What is a Segway you may ask?
Up until about a month ago, I had no clue what a Segway was. But if you ever saw the movie, Paul Blunt Mall Cop, you know what I'm talking about.... those two wheeled motor devices that cops use to go whipping by in a crowd. It was actually very, very FUN!!!

It was about a 2 hour tour. We each got our own 'vehicle'. To learn more about it go here. You balance your feet front (toes) to back (heel) to operate it. Slight movements with your hands on the handle bars make you go left/right. Hard to understand at first, but truly after 5 minutes, you get it!
*Strange 1 - we went with another family off the Navigator of the Sea. Like us, they said they were from Chicago. Asian family, parents had a very strong accent, kids names were Karen and Tim... very American. We find out they are from Libertyville..... less than a half hour from us. Of the 8,000 people on 4 ships that docked about the say time... another family from 'Chicago'.
We got to go a pick a real conch (pronounced CONK) shell if we wanted. Off the beach Conch fisherman just leave the shells behind in huge piles.
We got to go up to almost 10 miles per hour, zipping in and out, over pot holes and tree stumps, avoiding horse poop and big mud holes. It was really a good time.... until......
*Strange 2- we are done with tour. We have 1 hour to get back to the ship. This tour took us about 1/2 hour into the middle of Nassau Bahama... not one minute out of the private gates of the 200 acre playground... or friendly driver Meeks was telephoned that she had a flat tire! Christmas Eve, at 3:30 in the afternoon. No problem mon! There's more to the story as panic arose in the back of the van as we traveled at 15 mph through a very, very congested Bahama local city, one Asian family, one white family..all from Chicago... squirming and in panic mode.
Meeks found someone to fix the FLAT tire.... we made it back to the dock...just like all the other 6,000 people whose ship was set to sail at 6 pm.... not 4:30!! But we still had to go through security and customs it was 4:31!!!!!!! To say the least.... since I hadn't gone to the bathroom in about 5 hours and my back was killing me... my family ran and ran and ran and made it safely on board.... and me?
Two more HugE ships had docked since we had earlier that day.... I was confused, in panic mode.... and a little damp :( having a depends moment without the depends (ha ha) .... as they were pulling up the gang plank... I made it on the ship before they set sail. Exhausted... but what an experience!!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Funny Face

Here's a hint to where we were during our 'holiday' adventure!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chocolate Yummy

- The adventure
- New Camera
**tease** I'll talk about the adventure another day!
...Now let's get to the yum!

Look how great these pictures turned out!!! Look how great these double dipped chocolate pretzels turned out! Extreme close up.
Thanks to my parents... I got a new camera for Christmas and the rest of my presents for 2011. Stay tuned to adventure info and another new blog coming my way.... 365 pictures..... a picture a day for the new year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas to All

Taking a bit of blog break over the holidays to spend time with DH, Bubba & Sissy!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010


- Elfin Magic
- What up with that

Isn't Ethan the elf simply adork-able???? I found this wonderful blog Blinkin, Thinkin and Inkin .... and the wonderful artist Ellen who posts many of her pictures as punched out paper that you piece together to make these cute little.... anything and everything!!! Check out my "punch' art selection. Most recent are from her cute designs!

Do you think Santa's elves are hard at work, or there just sitting around waiting for the big day??

Sad, sad GreenBay Packer loss last night! Our poor doggies had to stay up late (10:30 by the time the game ended) and then hear 4 adults screaming "hurry up" oh that sucks, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!! We are Packer fans, but think they are done for the season.

Hubster had a nice and quiet 47th birthday. I love that guy!!!

Did you hear that? That's the clock ticking down to Christmas, and adventures... gotta run!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Very Merry

-The Warm Up

Okay, it appears my lap top needs time to warm up. Even though the fan is running constantly, it did not want to help me post to the blog yesterday. I will have to wait until after Santa comes to see if there are any pennies left in my piggy bank!! I don't know how long I will be able to post.... before it shuts me down. And then there is the adventure.... so....Happy Merry Christmas Holiday wishes, just in case I can't post and this 'thing' bites the dust!

And it's very merry sunny day out today. This is a very good thing!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Feeling a Bit Scrap Happy

- Punch & Peggy
- More countdowns

I love my Christmas cards this year, the one's I send out and the ones I just make in case I get an order (which I did.... 16 holiday cards, yippee!) Here are two sample cards, but just love the punched out bird... and then making an ornament just out of a circle punch! Wow!!

I was watching Heidi Swapp's live UStream feed a few weeks ago (if you care to know what this means, just email me) and she was talking about traditions of her holiday cards. And something she said really resonated (to be understood or receive a sympathetic response) with me!

* I enjoy making cards,
* I enjoy signing my card,
* I enjoy creating a Christmas news letter,
* I like saying Merry Christmas, not always Happy Holidays,
* and does it really matter if you don't get a card back, if you love what you do, what you create!!!

What Heidi did that night was show some of the cards her grandfather had created in the 195os. It was a family production (at the time her dad was a one of 4 kids drafted into helping put printed cards on the living room floor to dry) of a personal printer, cut outs or die cuts, layering.... and friends and family looked forward to getting her families holiday card. He made 100s each year. Heidi's Aunt eventually made a scrap book with original sketches and actual left over cards. The designs were simply adorable and fit the fifties themes! What a keepsake!

And I really like what she said as she finished her broadcast. If this makes you happy, create!

To the end of the school year and final tests.
To the beginning of Winter breaks
To Christmas and adventures
To the New Year!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cuteness abounds

- creative greetings!!
- baby it's cold out there

Have I told you lately how much I like paper crafts!! Someone please hire me! I will be a great loyal assistant. Look at these awesomely cute doodles, recreations of great fun that will bring a smile to anyone's face! Time's running out. Cute Christmas cards for sale! Well if you don't get in on the action... looks like the next big holiday is Valentine's Day.... see what cuteness is to follow.

Take a look at this lazy reindeer hanging around on a candy cane. (my bad, didn't get the original design co) Looks like Whipper Snapper designs, however. As per usual, having fun working on the shading and highlighting. Paper fun! Keeps me out of trouble!

Okay, sorry puppies, it says 3 frickin' cold degrees on my thermometer. AAAArgh, sub arctic weather. Enjoy being lazy 'cuz I don't have enough clothes to stay warm for a walk in this kind of weather.

As you can see, another I still have my laptop, but be forewarned it could stop in the middle of typing this sentence. The Computer Wiz says two things are wrong.... the fan seems to be missing a bearing, so it is constantly running trying to cool itself and two... Windows Vista which is how this computer is programed is doomed for failure, it can't handle the pressure of my typing and my creative genius. It appears Microsoft developed poorly written software that just can't handle the new technology, thus creating NEW and IMPROVED Windows 7. Stay tuned on what I might do!!

Stay warm, baby it's cold out there!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Elf on the Shelf

- Have you been naughty or Nice?
- Internet mysteries

Santa has his little helpers who watch all the good little boys and girls. They report back to help him check his list twice to see if you have been naughty or nice. She's the Elf on Shelf!!!Recently I made 5 of these little cuties for a friend to send to some of her daughter's friends. They secretly pop up in different places to remind the little one that Santa always has a helper watching... so you better be good for goodness sake!

They are about 5" tall and have a little prop stand. The Holly wings sparkle with glitter and she has a little twinkle in her eye. Packaged, they are unique creative greetings!! for $3 ea.
She even is swinging from the branches in the Christmas Tree!!
Well, I've said this before... my lap top computer has been acting up. It shuts down in the middle of an application, the motor is constantly whirring, and I can't upload and download with out things taking forever. So, ole Bessie is having a shop visit. Which means.... cross your fingers and toes, your eyes too....hopefully it will be a simple fix of cleaning out the cookies, getting the virus software installed correctly and updating a few files. Until we meet again!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Aww, Shucks! Thanks

- Always time to say thanks
- Enjoy the moment

There's always time to sit and give thanks. Thank you visitors to my blog! Thank you is such a nice sentiment. Thank you to those who comment. Three greetings!! here to say thanks! All the cards are very similar layouts, all the same, but different!

I heard twice recently about enjoying the moment.... while you are experiencing life, enjoy what you are doing because that moment might truly be as good as it gets. Enjoy the moment, why waste time later regretting what you could have done! Always make the best, give your best for the moment!

But then too, I was watching a funny episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, and he had such a hard time accepting 'good' things happening to him. Because tomorrow there would always be a let down, or something bad would happen... so being happy and not complaining was a waste of time for him.

So, do you like the happy person who has a smile all the time.... is it fake? Or, do dread the Debbie Downer friend who always seems to be having a 'situation', a drama diva? Or is it best... A true warm friend who is sincere and knows how to have a good time .... always.... Enjoy the moment.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Sometimes you feel like a Nut

- Nutcracker
- Hold on

This festive fellow was fun to make. He is based off the black background white gel dots of Stampin with Markie's Mom's cards. Well, he is actually CASE-d from one of her posts. Loved it so much! That black just makes everything seem to pop!! I love the challenge of doodling and getting everything in proportion, first try!

There are times I so badly want to be able to do more things with this blog post, or my card making and designing, my photography and this computer, and make them all work together. Unfortunately, reading a book how to do that is now my patient strong point at the moment. But just so you know (blog cyber space) if I write it, maybe something will be done about it, sooner than later.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

No two can ever be alike

- What's not to love
- we love copy cat foods

Have I mentioned that I LOVE snowmen. They are so cute! I have a ton of them. You could say I'm a collector..... well, I was more of a collector years ago... now, today they collect more dust! Did you know that they can stay out much longer than other ordinary Christmas Decorations, especially if they are winter snowmen vs. Christmas snowmen. Cute carrot noses, top hats, stocking caps, mittens, hot cocoa mugs, scarves, fake feet, bird friends....

Please note that all of these cards are Winter snowmen. Dressed in winter garb, with snow flakes instead of Christmas elf hats and holly. Wow, I made all three cards with the same monochromatic Burgundy and tan papers. I love when this happens, getting 3 cards the same, yet different!

It's a fantastically cold day again today. But I will bundle up and take the boys out. I got so much done yesterday. No more pitty parties for this girl. It's only stuff I can see. Daddy had a dinner meeting with the secretive Italians at a seafood restaurant near O'Hare airport. (More to come on that... some day....) but the rest of us had a delicious Rainforest Cafe Chicken Salad copy cat recipe. Yum, what makes it special is Chow Mein Rice Noodles and Shoestring potatoes and of course the Hoisin dressing.

I got two card orders... I'm excited to create!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I'm okay, Ewe okay?

- the card
- holiday joy

*I just love puns, especially on cards. Yep! I know they are dorky, but they make me smile. And when you have a cute little image, just perfect with the words...altogether... that makes me happy. Simple card above (of course, and if I must remind you.... the card is CASE-d..... copy and share everything) I admit it, I'm a good doodle-er, I have a gift to copy! It's so much easier than sitting by trying to make up my own stuff. Oh, I will if I must.... create my own stuff.... but to blurf the internet and find these cute little doodles to draw, makes me happy!!

*It looks beautiful outside my kitchen window. Crisp blue sky, sun shine and 3" of snow covering everything. But brrr.... says 10 on my computer thermometer. I might just be taking the big guy for a walk. Tucker is not feeling so well.... I think he might have gotten into something.... sneaky little fuzzy doggie!

*I have to buckle down after the holidays and the first of the year and get a job outside the home. I'm losing brain cells here... I guess I need to find some money to help pay college bills too.... but hopefully I don't get that desperate that you see my mug shot on the evening news! I so desperately want to find something that gets me excited to wake up in the morning, that fulfills my creative need, where jobs get completed and people are appreciated, and they go home... excited to come back the next day. Wishful thinking?

Monday, December 06, 2010

December Begins

- The Weekend
- Tasty
- Cat Games

Just squint a bit and the picture above will be a bit more clearer. The holiday lighted house looks so much better with 3" of heavy wet snow all around it. It twinkles and it glistens. I was too excited to actually get a good picture with my Kodak Easy Share point and shoot camera. Just squint your eyes, it takes away some of the blur. brrrr, it's cold now, only 8 degrees out.

My boys got to go the the Greenbay Packer game yesterday. Pictures to follow in the next few days. Despite the frozen tundra, they said they actually dressed warm enough, the excitement of the crowd and the way the stadium was packed, they really weren't cold in the 20 degree weather. They got to see a very exciting WIN!

Sissy and I did a little shopping. And she wanted to try Sushi - I should say California rolls (The California roll is a maki-zushi (roll), a kind of sushi roll, usually made inside-out, containing cucumber, imitation crab stick, and avocado) again *we went to a Sushi restaurant this past summer*. Sams Club has a nice tray of 5 varieties, reasonably priced. This was our special lunch. How's my presentation platter?? Sissy took two bites from two different rolls and tried to smile.... she really likes the idea of Sushi *California Rolls* but really, really can't stomach them. More for me!

I thought this was hilarious. Get it.... mouse and cheese???? One day while I was getting my mid morning snack together, I put my Laughing Cow cheese wedge down, just so happens near my computer mouse, and I got a big kick out how it looked.
Next year's blog I think I will do another separate one, 365 days worth of pictures. I've seen other blogs like this... so stay tuned.
Happy Monday


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