Monday, January 31, 2011

Let me count thy ways

- Do I need a reason to write?
- Chicken in the car and the car wont go, what does it spell?
- Good weekend

These two birds just flew the coop. They were in my doodle stash. I pulled them out, cut them off their initial layout and with the bright YELLOW envelope, created some FuN MaiL.

After I left off steam from my out to lunch mug from last Friday's post .... something happened... I don't want to say it was magical.... and I don't want to say too much as to 'jinx' it.... two phone calls can make a big difference and change your life. The easy one... the temp agency called me with a possible 8-10 week part time job... I go for the interview today.

And the other call, while silly & fun and crazy and impossible.... got my cre8tive wheels turning and I might be on to something. I worked all weekend developing ideas, brain storming, using other people's brains, checking the thesaurus, doodling, having fun 'cuz my computer cooperated. I will give you a sneak peak.... click over to my cre8tive greetings!! too blog to see some of the layout changes... and I will talk about it again after more of the change has taken place.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Accept the BASICS

- Out of Steam
It's Friday, I'd been plugging along all week, fun cards, creative inspiration, introspection, interesting views on this wacky world we live in... and pssssshhhhhhh.... just like my husband's tire at O'Hare Airport Tuesday night.... the air has been let out. I got nothing!
It's okay, I can A-accept it. I can't be like butter, on a roll ALL the time!
See ya at the next posting!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Su-weet Monkey

- Sweet Monkey Cupcake
- New T-shirt

I don't know, there is something about a cute & silly monkey behind and extremely yummy looking cupcake that makes me giggle! And then I thought... do a google search for Sweet Monkey Cupcake and there is an actual place... Sugar Monkey and can you believe it's somewhat nearby in Naperville, Illinois. Who da thunk??

I love making 'more' involved cards, this one has seven layers +... the monkey is drawn and colored in (water color pencils and markers) then cut out, the baking cup is corrugated, the topping is made and layered with sprinkles and a cherry on top. Sentiment is computer generated. That's a heart on it's side as the background and there is a bit of a doily showing behind his head... I found the doilies at Goodwill and the were probably 9" round, so I have been punching them out with scallops smaller.... but I haven't quite created the right effect for doily usage! Sweet!!!!
So get this straight, we live in Illinois (but I and the kids were pretty much raised in Wisconsin, DH* Indiana) and DH was working in Columbus Ohio in the beginning of the week, and stopped at an airport Big 10 store, and bought Bubba his first Iowa shirt.... if my calculations are right... in about 7 months time Bubba will be moving into his dorm at U of I. * DH- dear husband Bubba - son Sissy - daughter Me- me

It costs nothing to appreciate someone.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

FuN MaiL is now in VoGue

- Tag a long
- Friendly

Paper makes me happy! Cutting it, punching it, inking it, drawing on it, folding it, embellishing it. If I have so much fun cre8ting with it, don't you think that it would make someone happy to receive it? I think I've made it one of my many goals this year to bring FuN MaiL back into vogue. I mean with depressing news, and bills and junk mail... don't YOU think that a little envelope with your name in the return address, with a special unique and whimsical card inside... would really make someone's day?? Sentiments are easy to find on line, write something from the heart, just say... I'm thinking of you, how the heck you doing?????

I was in a small town scrapbook store yesterday. It made me happy and giddy with excitement with all the things to look at. As you know, I'm very frugal. I don't have to have everything... although it would be fun to get the newest, latest and greatest (who has room for that anyway?) .... I had my tiny cash budget in hand and I got a few treats! While in the store, a distraught customer had come in. She was looking for a bound book for her sister. Her little sister who had recently passed away. She was looking for a nice sign in guest book to be put out at the funeral home, she gave the clerk some specifics I couldn't quite hear. Not that the clerk was insensitive, but in a tiny scrapbook store you don't really sell books, you sell all the tools to make the books. The saddened sister went on, I browsed closer, wheels in my head started turning. The scrapbook store clerk gave suggestions of the Christian book store, or a local big box office supply store.... but the sister had tried that and really wanted something from this memory maker store. The clerk was not apologetic, but said they really didn't carry what she was looking for. The distraught sister left with a thank you. When the door closed, I smiled at the clerk and asked her if they got a lot of requests like that, for something personalized and special... she said every now and then. I said "I could easily make something like that on my computer". And I was about ready to hand her my card.... but the clerk turned away to finish what she was working on. I certainly wasn't going to run after the grief stricken stranger... but it got me thinking.... how could I make special books made to order. Any ideas?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cross over in C-creativity

- Hanging on a wire
- Banner Day

Okay, I gotta admit that hostessing 3 different blogs is starting to get a bit confusing. Did I show you this picture? or was it posted on my 365 project photo blog or was it part of my wheeling and dealing showcasing cards for sale at cre8tive greetings too!! ? This is just a metaphor... I know the above card is a first time show (off) cuz I just made it yesterday, and the below card was highlighted on Day 24. But if you get what I mean, I'm having fun crossing over with my Creativity (one of my words as part of my going Back to BASICS, lifestyle). I don't think about what I'm going to post here, until I add the pictures, and then I see how they relate to what's going on in my life. My Creativity is hanging on a wire over into many different things.

Having a banner day:
refers to a day being noteworthy, shouldn't all days have something in them that is noteworthy or a reason to fly a special banner?

The above picture is inspired by Heidi Swapp's blog. She takes ordinary things and hits them outta the park in simple designs. She has old frames that she often adds her paper products to. She does banners and flags ... all the time hangs them off of empty picture frames, mirrors, blinds on the windows. Granted I'm not a national paper product designer, but maybe if I incorporate some of her fantabulous ideas on a small scale, it will make may studio a more Creative place just walking in there!

And I leave you with this final note... as I go through this day and many others after this, I'm going to take on the ironic sense that a task should be easy, thus having many banner days, after all, life truly is not rocketry. And if my final note makes no sense at all, go check out the house of Sh!ne's post for today.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Cheeseheads Win!!

- My light SH!NES
- Oxymoron

Had fun CAS-ing this lamp. Paper piecing is what it's called. Although it's not 'stamped' the idea is to stamp the image on plain card stock, then again on a patterned paper, cut out the patterned paper and piece it on the full stamped image. I used some beads for the pull string. Oh, just thought of something, could have sponged a 'ray' of yellow ink casting out below the shade, as if the light were on! That would be cute!! Simple card. Perfect for some FuN MaiL!

Oxymoron, the odd part, Illinois plates with a Green Bay Packers frame!!!! Well, not really!!! Packers are going to the super bowl!!! Yippee!!! Since we live in Northern Illinois, far enough away from Chicago, we've been seeing a lot of people sporting the the green & gold. I did have to drive up almost to the cheddar curtain(the Illinois/Wisconsin state line, as referred to by people from Illinois, Wisconsin sports fans are known as 'cheese heads') to find Sissy and Me new shirts from Kohls, we had both been borrowing from the boys. Now we actually have 'girl' cut t-shirts! I think years ago our car may have been keyed or somehow assaulted because the rivalry is so strong.

Gloomy winter day.... need to find the sun and warmth stored in my memory from summer and bring it to the frontal lobes!!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Flowers & Butterflies in the Middle of Winter

- Leaving a Mark
- End of the week that means the beginning of the weekend

I knew I wanted to re-create the card below, because I just loved the look. But wasn't quite sure how to do it.... so I went back to the archives of Stampin With Markie's Mom and had fun looking at some of her 'older' designs. Her work is very time consuming with all the layers, the dots and intricate groupings. But it is fun to try!!

Over the past few days I just went from blog post to blog, finding cards with this similar flower and butterfly theme and just had fun playing with it all.

Week of weather: snow, rain, freezing rain, sunshine, gloomy, full moon.... now -8 degrees!! Surprise, my back is feeling better, but it's pain is being hidden my back pain from shoveling... so hopefully that will heal, and I will be able to tell if the other pain is gone? Are you ready for some football???

Thursday, January 20, 2011

No doodles from Me

- Cards are a serious business
- True Grit

Although I have hundreds of cards in stock, when I make new cards and showcase them here at cre8tive greetings!!, I'm amazed at how many different cards could be made with the materials I have. I like patterned paper, that's where they have printed an image on the paper, no stamping or doodling needed by me. I can't say these cards are whimsical, the have an air of seriousness about them. To give them some unique flair, the top card has a lolly (which is the folded flower on the bottom right) In the middle is a pull out tag or book mark (still needs some fiber through the hole), it's being held in place with a popped up punched out butterfly, which you can also see another one in the middle of the lolly. Then look close, the patterned paper is full of butterflies.

This card is 'less' busy, still serious, but with a lighter feel to it. The patterned paper already has glitter added to it, to give it pizazz! Still no doodles from me, but about 9 layers with a crisp white area for the sentiment, and a fun punched out and popped up butterfly.

Which kind of card would you want to send as your FuN MaiL? Serious and clean lines, or whimsical & fun? Ah, send em both.... just send out some FuN MaiL!!!

Are you a fan? We're cheeseheads (nickname used for fans from Wisconsin who have wearable cheese hats) .... we are getting down and dirty and to the nitty gritty.... Packers vs. Bears.... I get so excited ... and then scared at once. We really deserve to win!!! But can the Packers pull it off!!!! It still days away.... gritting our teeth....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Best spot for a good view

- I Moosed the Sun
- Send any FuN MaiL today

It's so perfect to represent a little boys' life, I love Bubba's little red wagon as part of my winter 'still life' (which is part of my 365 photo project). You know, the kids not two anymore... My father in law found this at a sale probably more that 16 years ago. It's special.The tires are flat...well I don't know that, I think it's molded plastic... so I don't even think you can pump them up. The axels are missing a screw, so it wiggles and jiggles as it goes over bumps. There's a tiny bit of rust and then the perfect bumper stickers are placed in just the right spots. In this picture the snow is fresh, the sky is blue and the sun is shining bright! You couldn't ask for a better spot for viewing that day.

You do know that Valentine's Day is coming up, right? It's not a holiday just for 'lovers'. We need more LOVE in the world. It's a great time after the doldrums of grundgy old winter to send anyone a special PICK ME UP, thinking of you, missing you, love you, let's get together and SH!NE type of card. You know you like it when I send you some FuN MaiL!!! So, start thinking of all those special people you want to shout out too.... and then give me, not Hallmark... a little business. Remember, my cards are unique, handmade, and one of a kind... you will not find anything at the grocery store card stand better priced either.... unless you are REALLY cheap and buy the .49c type cards.... what's that all about?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tag you're it!

- The same, yet different
- Flakey
- Inspected by
I was going through some sort of 'stash' (oh one of my many creative/clutter piles) in my office and found some cute hedge hog images. These, I definitely didn't draw (although you have seen them before when I have 'copied' them). I was in a swap a few years ago and I received all kinds of stamped 3 x 5 images to color in (here I used water color pencils and markers), and then take the very cute image and create the card.... so I did.... twice. Oval frame vs. rectangle frame.... burnt sienna vs. pink. This could be a 'just sending you a note' card... or part of birthday wish, or be my Valentine.... just about anything. Have you sent out any FuN mAil lately?

Which do you like better? No 1 or No 2.... or are they just the same?

Here's a view of my front entryway. Boots everywhere. We got about 3" of wet snow yesterday. At one point it was raining... then the snow went from slushy to crunchy. I'm thinking of blue skies and sunshine and sandy beaches, ahh relax!

A silly little observation: I don't know when this started happening but I HATE tags on the side of my shirts, they are sooo annoying. I was never so sensitive... they must be rubbing on my belly fat.... but inspection tags and how to wash the garment are not only on the neckline (to tell you which way to wear the shirt), but also on the inside seam... just above my pant line... you try to ripppppp them out... and it leaves behind a very thick/course thread, which is annoying too! I really like the shirts that print the tag right on the article of clothing. How many tags do you REALLY need on a shirt?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Basically limitless

- Hearts unlimited
- Soups on

I - infinite, the amount of hearts you can put on a card. Limitless, the amount of love and kisses & hugs you can give out at any given time. Everlasting this layout could be used in so many ways, with so many vast punches lined with stitches holding them in a row. Unending sizes...big, little, fat, short, wide..... all little pieces holding on 'together' with glue & thread. A cre8tive greeting card is a hug sent in the mail. Back to Basics, with I-infinite ways to tell someone you care about them.

Soup warms the inner soul. Doctored up tomato & basil soup with a little amount of fresh ground pepper and shredded swiss cheese makes the tummy happy on a cold winter day. Yes, food is part of my 365 photo project. Become a follower and click on my link here to get a view of Sunday's all American yummy-licious lunch.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Give me a break... I was winging it!

- Birds of a feather
- What's the tweet-ment

Here's a couple of doodled tweedle dee dees! I'm a card making fool. Lot's of layers and patterned paper, added stickles, some robin I mean ribbon, even some paper piecing. Just adding cards to the nest, I'm mean stash. Have you sent some happy mail today??
It was strange there for a week or so. After hearing about those thousands of birds that fell dead from the sky in Arkansas, our bird feeder sat empty for days. It was strange... during my morning ritual of posting my blog, there is always a flutter around the breakfast table.... chirping and chasing, swooping and tweeting.... but nothing for days. Maybe the birds were on vacation! But they are back.... a little cozier with the snow on top!

The kids are done with finals and ready for a 4 day weekend. They get off on MLK day too! The Packer's play again this weekend.... Go Pack Go!!! We might go meet dad for lunch today near his office. It's the middle of January! This post is for the birds!!! Happy Day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creating in the Moment

- Tucker tackles the snow
- Living in the moment

Oh my goodness, at the moment, I am loving finding things to take pictures for the 365 project. Yesterday was the perfect day with the fresh snow and sunshine. I can't believe I caught this action shot of Mr. Fuzzy running back to me. Look how fast he is going... the snow is whipping up from his front paws!

I'm living in the moment and trying to go BACK to BASICS. I'm doing a lot of C - create. Last night I made 3 meat chili... at one point it had an 'odd' smell to it.... the kids likened it to 'poop'! I was worried, when I took the lid off the crock pot it did smell funky to me. But after letting it rest.... it actually tasted quite good. Must have been something with all the ingredients working weird together!

Got a new piece of 'office' equipment. Maybe I'll take a picture to give you a hint... Happy Day

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Balance Wrapped

- I'm a card maker
- Mind balance

Cute shabby turtle! Just to re-iterate (must I???) for all of my fans out there (thank you, thank you) In most* cases.... get the word CASe (Copy And Share Everything) the images on my cards are hand drawn (by me) but I do not come up with the images. I COPY them from someone else. I am a very good copier, imitator, copy cat....I'm a fake, a phony, a forger! I don't want to ever make it seem that these cute images are MINE..... * but I do admit... that some of my dogs and people are my own doodles, but I will tell you... so I can get all the kudos!!! Oh, I've been asked and told that I'm creative enough to come up with my own 'stuff'.... but right now, when there is so much cuteness to copy... and I'm really not being paid to think.... my challenge is to copy to my best ability! My cards are a combination of computer generated, hand stamped and hand drawn....

Try and wrap your mind around that bit of information! I am working and will be working on my Back to Basics, Twenty Eleven. Last night I was working a bit on my B.... balance. Went to Yoga. I think I like it. I need to work on it at home as well as in class. Here is a picture of some of the equipment that I have no idea how it's used to balance my mind, body and soul!

Hump Day. Two days left of finals in our house! Sunny, about 4" of snow on the ground. Time to walk 10 feet (two dogs and one human!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Basic Essentials

- Simplify
- It does what it does

One of the words that helps me get on track for living in Twenty Eleven and to go 'Back to BASICS' is Simplify. But what's funny is that one of the definitions to SIMPLIFY is to ....
to reduce to basic essentials...

At 21 Easy Hacks to Simplify, they give suggestions on what exactly to do to change your life to live with simplicity. Here is one: Go Media Free.... I'm having a hard time with that one. Right now I'm a Fox news junky... I want the truth to be told... no spin... but man, this world is crazy.

But, I can make a simple card. Not to change the subject, but look at that cute sparkly heart and only 5 layers... but you really can't tell, because the design and layout is so simple. Curves, hearts, circles.... Are you thinking of sending a card to someone so they get some FUN mail?? With love....
It's happening, again. Winter has come back to Illinois. Well winter never left, it was the snow that 'left'. And now outside my window to the world, it's white, again!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm just a Fan

- You win some you lose some
- A little bit of this

There was a whole lot of screaming going on in our house last night. With all the football upsets during Saturday's games, we weren't sure if our beloved Green Bay Packers were going to finish their Wild Card game with a win. But they won against the Eagles. We've got another week to play. Like the 'we' part, as if I have anything to do with their success, I'm just a fan! Go Pack Go!

Love how this card turned out. White gel pens are amazing against a dark background. As part of my 'plan,' my goal, well actually my 'planner' to keep my life organized in a proper manner.... I re-created the front cover to look like the design over at the House of 3. But I digress, so I continued doodling and came up with a fun 'all doodled' card.Finals week around the house. The kids did some major studying over the weekend. We just have a trace of snow on the ground, mainly in the highly shaded areas. Let's check the planner and see what I need to do today?
Go to the post office
clean my creative space.

That sounds like a plan!! Happy Day!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Back to Basics

- My Year
- And other stuff

I've claimed my year! I'm going 'Back to B.A.S.I.C.S.' Twenty eleven, new year, new decade and a new way to focus on the rest of my life. It isn't a resolution but a life style change.

If you couldn't tell, I'm a very complicated person, not a drama queen, but I like manners and respect, common courtesy and kindness. Over at the House of Shine, today was the day to name our year.... give our resolution. I want to try and think outside of the box. I don't want to conform. I want to be unique, yet fit in. Here is the way I did it!

This year I want to go back to BASICS
B- balance (mind, body & soul) think of yoga
A - acceptance, a lot of changes are going to occur this year, I have to accept them
S - simplify, de-clutter, buy what's only needed, reuse
I - infinite, limitless ways of doing things
C - create
S - Shine

Stay tuned to see how I achieve my goal of going BACK to BASICS to live 2011.

Followed a challenge on Splitcoast Stampers to create the birthday card above. Love the layers and the colors, and ultimately how the card turned out.


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