Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It has it's own language. 

You better BYOP or you wont be able to sign the log sheet.  Once you have the coordinates you should be able to find the cache at GROUND ZERO.    Watch for MUGGLERS, they are often harmless, but they are non-geocachers.  After logging a FOUND I will type in TFTH.  We have a few interesting bits of SWAG that I will show in another post. On a PnG, STEALTH is required if you are in a highly populated area.

Did you catch any of that???
Week # 18 - LIFE'S simple pleasures - Geocaching
Geocaching certainly has it's history and it's own language.  First of all, one question we get and we've read about... "Can you only do it here in this city?"  It is a WORLD wide game of hiding and seeking treasure.  It's everywhere.... and you just don't know it!!!
Please note in the above picture I have BYOPBring your on pen\cil.... once you find a cache it is custom to sign the log sheet included in the container.  Sometime a pen/cil wont fit.
The containers are of varying sizes, here are a few that we have found....
This is an ammo box.  Yes that's right!  An actual ammunition metal box that has clips and clasps that seal it shut so that nothing can get in that isn't supposed to.  Often inside of these large caches you will find the 'log' in a plastic bag that keeps the paper moisture free.  In these larger caches too, you will find SWAG, which are toys and trinkets that you can take if you replace it with an equal value item.  A FUN treasure hunt to bring the small kids along to help find!
Other than being an OFFICIAL GEOCACHE green container, I'm not sure if this size cache has a specific name.  But in the description to GZ - ground zero where the cache is SUPPOSED to be hidden, the hider will identify the size you are looking for.  This is considered a small sandwich size plastic Tupperware container.  You can only put tiny SWAG inside like: coins, buttons/pin, badges etc... and room for a LOG IN notebook and pen.  The OFFICIAL GEOCACHE site must sell these.  Often, we have seen a typical plastic container with camouflage tape wrapped around it!
This is a magnetized BISON TUBE...A micro-sized cache container, made of durable metal to hold small objects. Named for the primary manufacturer, Bison Designs. This one was wrapped with a heavy duty magnet and black electricians' tape.  We found it stuck inside the metal cart coral at a grocery store. 

On either side of our find that day were two gentlemen MUGGLERS.... probably waiting for their wives who were shopping.  A MUGGLER is a non-geocacher or according to Harry Potter, a non magical person.  These two men busily  playing on their Iphones briefly looked up to see us searching the shopping cart coral... but went back to their business at hand!

And then there are these great hides!  Canisters similar to the bison tube, it can be a pill bottle or other container that has a screw on cap, that is designed with a hanger.  It is camouflaged or taped up with green duct tape and it dangles on a branch un-seen by the non-geocacher eye!  Well, sometimes by our eyes as well.
We have FOUND 75 caches in 3 states so far!  (just to give you an idea, some locally near us, have over 3,000 finds) When I log it in on the computer I will type a comment, but mostly it will be TFTH.... thanks for the hide! You can leave other hints if you want too!  One comment on a FIND... I noted that I was too short to reach the cache!
And I must admit, there are about 20 or so that we've attempted to find... and no luck!  We might have to revisit a few spots now that we understand possibly what we are looking for... or what we are directly looking at and not seeing! There are even more containers like: bottle caps, buckets and cans.
STEALTH is required at all times.... we want to avoid detection... but we have stumbled upon a few others who are newbies like us... and they are out there having fun looking at their surroundings differently... enjoying the outdoors, using critical thinking and rediscovering the cities they live in... and they always love to chat!
Here is an article that I mentioned yesterday....if you want to read more...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Found Any CACHE Lately?

There are some who can give you the exact date when they started. 

I would really have to search my memory banks to be that precise.  It was some time the summer of 2011. The year my first born was getting ready to go to college.  I can, however,  tell you exactly why we started.

In 2013 we will become full blown empty nesters!
Yikes, I forgot that it was a syndrome! 

Since a young adult moving out from his or her parents' house is generally a normal and healthy event, the symptoms of empty nest syndrome often go unrecognized. This can result in depression and a loss of purpose for parents, since the departure of their children from "the nest" leads to adjustments in parents' lives. Empty nest syndrome is especially common in full-time mothers.

Before I get all teary eyed and blubbery, again...I'm really writing about Geocaching.

Week # 18 - LIFE'S simple pleasures - Geocaching
My husband and I decided that since the kids were getting ready to fly the coop, we needed to find more things we could do together, just the two of us.  One thing we talked about was starting to hike.  Having two dogs that need to walk daily, we are used to the thought of walking, but we decided we wanted to make it more interesting while hiking outdoors. 
Somehow, somewhere.... we heard about Geocaching and thought it was the perfect activity for us!
Not long after that, our local newspaper had an article about Geocaching across our county through the conservations park district.  Everything seemed to fit!
What is it and why we're hooked.
Geocaching is a real world outdoor treasure hunt.  It's what happens when nerds go outdoors.  It is great fun and inexpensive entertainment that gets us outside.  It involves critical thinking and helps us to look at our surrounding differently. Once we got our first 'find'  it became the thrill of the hunt.  We were so amazed how many beautiful parks were in our county.
GEO - geography (EARTH)  CACHE (container ) pronounced like cash
Here's the hubster, at first we printed out all the details (coordinates and clues) thus the clipboard.
We used our car Garmin GPS (global positioning system) at first.  Then upgraded to an actual hand held GPS (looked like a walkie talkie). And now I have an application on my smart phone.
Last week I wrote about all things Earth.  In Week #18 I will continue with that topic, but change it up a bit, put twist on the twist....because there are is so much to write about.  Our EARTH has so much to offer us.
Instead of just taking a walk on this beautiful path before us, my husband and I are getting a chance to explore the next stage in our lives together!  Please join me and see where our adventures take us.

If you're NOT anonymous, please leave a comment.  And stay tuned this week to see what kind of hidden treasures we've discovered Geocaching!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Logic or Imagination?

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour!

So, how often in LIFE do you take the scenic route?

Logic will take you from A to B.  Imagination will get you anywhere ~ Albert Einstein
This week as one of MANY LIFE'S simple pleasures, I'm exploring all things EARTH.

It was EARTH DAY earlier this week, (celebration of a day? a week? a month?) it was created to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment. 

Just out my front door I can be inspired by Mother Nature's beauty.  Although I'm cheating a bit... this is just outside my front door, but it is a picture from last year at this time, actually a month earlier.... March 26, 2012.... we had an unusually gorgeous few weeks of spring that came early to the mid West.

What path do you take?  Have you enjoyed the scenery? Do you ever take the long way?
Not all those who wander are lost. 
I'm excited to share next week something about where this path has taken us.  It's a little bit of a tease to bring you back here to see what's ahead for Week # 18.
Card inspired by Zindorf
There is so much to enjoy when you take the scenic route, it touches all of your senses.  When you hear the trees swaying and knocking in the wind and the birds chirping with happiness, and you smell the fresh dirt and grass after a spring shower, and you see flowers budding up through the soil, and you feel a gentle breeze blow through your hair and the warmth of the sunshine on your face... and maybe to stretch it a bit... when you have a great meal after taking an invigorating walk... taking the scenic route can be a very special designated road.

Week # 17 - LIFE'S simple pleasures - all things EARTH

As we exit the speeding highway and opt for the slower, scenic route, we find richness to LIFE & we wonder how we missed it all this time. ~ Christina G. Hibbert
Go ahead, I dare you to get lost and enjoy the scenery!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What on EARTH, do you need that for??

One man's trash is another man's treasure!
Years ago, probably about 25 years.... I couldn't imagine even stepping foot into a Goodwill Store.  I wanted everything new.  But then I got married, had children and we decided to live within our means on one income and I discovered the hunt for treasure is an awesome thing!!!!!

People give away (donate to their local thrift shop... Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers, Home of the Sparrow) 'new' stuff with the tags still on. 

I've posted on my blog throughout the past 6 years on my 'finds'.  I love this post Goodwill Hunting

Week # 17 - LIFE'S simple pleasures - all things EARTH

I thought I would talk about UPCYCLE, REUSE, RECYCLE..... or is it REPURPOSE, REUSE, UPCYCLE....or REJUVENATE?

New uses for OLD things!!!!!

I was going to go into TJ Maxx but a new to me store opened up recently next door called SAVERS. 

At first I thought it was a grocery story like Aldi's... but then there was a write up in our local paper and I found out it was a thrift store. I hit the mother load and found all three items above for $11 and some change.  Someone would say, 'what on EARTH do you need that stuff for'??  Here's what I did....
Doesn't look like much but a messy creative desk!!!  But I was tired with all the clutter.  The swivel holder on the right side holds all my ink pads.  I purchased it from SU! (Stamping UP $$) years ago, but it doesn't swivel very well, it hits the light and I knock things over when reaching for an ink pad.
On the left I have mugs filled with pens, paintbrushes, colored pencils, markers, punches, bone folders.... anything tall and skinny....can't find what I'm looking for, the mugs are full... and frankly, I'm tired of it!!!!

When I was in SAVERS I thought I could definitely use these 'new to me' items to help clean up my desk!
I moved the ink pads off the SU! swivel holder and put them in the wooden box with slots. (It's got a wood burned seal on the side... so something came in it)  I've seen husbands make these ink pad holders for their wives.... simple, but time intensive to create I assume.  I was also able to add coordinating pens in the same slot next to the ink pads. Ink pens really are supposed to lay flat, not up right in a mug... something to do with the ink flow. 
This item was actually FREE to me since I signed up to get a super 'SAVER' card!
And, instead of the swivel upright pen holder, I also got this wooden secretary with a drawer.  It had the initials LFH engraved on the front... but eventually I could repaint this, add colorful patterned papers and Mod Podge it... or just cover it up with a great reminder as seen in this picture (well, you really can't see it, but it reminds me to Do52) .  I was able to eliminate 2 mugs and 'stuff' pinned to the bulletin board... now there is a spot for everything within reach! (But I will miss my bulletin board, oh well, with change....)
I OBJECT to paying full price for anything.  I OBJECT to having new 'stuff', when, with a little thought I can repurpose some things. I OBJECT to becoming a hoarder, I am Frugal by Design!
Help us save the world, one art project at a time!!!!  REPURPOSE, REJUVENATE, RECYCLE! or is it reuse, upcycle, repurpose?


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An ARTventurous LIFE

One of the many reasons I write my blog is because it gives me true inspiration for the days that lie ahead.  It drives me and it gives me a purpose.  I hope there are a few of you out there following along on my journey of LIFE.
I decided this year to focus 2013 on LIFE'S simple pleasures.  Because I like pretty things and clever words, I thought it would be a perfect way to combine so many similar things that are different.  Let me see if I can explain....
If you break the word LIFE'S down, you get:
  • L-Learning
  • I-Inspiring
  • F-Feeling
  • E-Evolving
  • S-Shining
LEARNING - I love to learn!!  As I've gotten older though, I find I learn a little bit differently - I like things explained to me in a calm way.  On line tutorials are a great way to learn, if you have a good teacher.  For instance, I am taking a year long class with an instructor based out of England.  Her name is Tam and she created this wonderful program that includes art and healing.  Each week she has a lot of guest artists from all over the world who are teaching a class called LifeBook 2013.
INSPIRING - the artist/instructors from this class truly have a passion about their creativity.  And that sparks other creativity for me.  It gives me a great FEELING - Everyday I find something new just looking outside the window to my own backyard, inspirational quotes that I find on Pinterest or a billboard, good MAIL days~ sending and receiving FuN MaiL, discovering blog sites that lead me to another phenomenal place, books for pleasure, art/writing books to hone in on my crafts, my camera iPhone ~ a pictures worth 1,000 words, a heartfelt story from a friend, observing people and nature... that list is endless!

EVOLVING- I'm developing gradually.  If you've noticed.... I've taken you along a small path in the process of creating my last Art Journal page.  I first doodled the outlines of a faux stain glass picture. My art journal page is approximately 10" x 14".  The drawing is quite simple, with simple lines and shapes.  Then the next process I  painted in the lines with acrylic.  During this time I was creating the faux stained glass with Mod Podge, acrylic paint and tissue paper.  Next, I added the pieces of faux stained glass.  (Let me tell you this was quite an involved process.... I love the technique, but it does not satisfy my need for instant art gratification) After that, I set more outlines and added a dimensional glue to give the picture more depth... a stained glass feel by just using paper.  This picture/painting developed gradually. Metaphorically- ME!!!
SHINING - being accountable, realizing the impact of little things, being present, being relentless passionate, bringing out the best in others.  I'm no longer afraid to 'show off' my art.... or my stories... or who I really am.  Because I have discovered to embrace who I am and it's just my nature to be this way.  I just have to keep LEARNING and reminding myself that it doesn't always matter what others may think.  I'm not saying that it is easy.... but taking this path to LIFE'S simple pleasures has given me unmeasurable rewards.

An adventurous life does not necessarily mean climbing a mountain, swimming with sharks, or jumping off cliffs. It means risking yourself by leaving a little piece of you behind in all things you meet along the way.

And keeping in line with Week # 17 - LIFE'S simple pleasures - all things Earth... if you notice my faux stained glass picture represents the sunSHINE and the land and sea Earth....

EartH without ART is just 'eh'.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Down to Earth

Here is the test whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you're alive, it isn't~ Richard Bach
I think I'm sensible, practical and genuine... all words to describe someone who is Down to Earth according to the online Urban Dictionary.  I give a hoot and try not to pollute.  I want to leave the smallest carbon footprint that I can and I want to go green!  My buddy Herb Garden is going to try and help me do that this year!

Week #17 - LIFE'S simple pleasures ~ all things EARTH

I'm going GREEN.  Working on obtaining my GREEN thumb. It's not easy being GREEN.
This year I decided to try my hand at growing a herb garden.  I received a basic kit as a gift for my birthday from my DH (dear husband).  It came with all the fixins to start off 5 different herbs, cilantro, parsley, sweet basil, oregano,  & chives and then he added two extra packets of spearmint & butterfly weed and I added a Forget-Me-Nots packet.
Since I like to cook, and I think I like to garden, and I love to be outside in the sunSHINE, and I love to tell a story,  I thought I would give it a try and start my own little corner of FRESHness in my own (window on the world) backyard.
First you have to start in doors, there is still the possibility of a frost here in the mid West. I have the dirt beneath my nails to prove I'm down to Earth! And we also need more than 1 day in a row with sunSHINE!!!  A little bit of water... and some encouraging words.... grow, grow, grow!!!! ** Please note, I did recycle here, the 3 little pots on the right were all from my stash... one is a sweetly painted Mother's Day pot from child of mine when they were in grade school!
Come on back and visit me again and see how Peggy, Peggy quite contrary.... how does your garden grow???
There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling. ~Mirabel Osler


Monday, April 22, 2013

We Are the World

Let us realize that a change can only come when we stand together as one ~ Michael Jackson
Week #17 - LIFE'S simple pleasures - All things EARTH
Today is Earth Day!  Thought of in the late 1960s and established on April 22, 1970 it was created to inspire awareness and appreciation for the earth's natural environment, founded by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson.
As a way to support environmental protection this world wide event has grown to make everyone more aware to upcycle, reuse and recycle and to leave this place better than we found it.
EarthDay is sort of a 'birthday' for the world.  Although some people are more aware of the footprint they leave behind.... every day should be a day that we honor the planet we live on.
This week I plan on exploring different things related to our Earth and just see what's happening outside my window to the world....
We are the ones who make a BRIGHTER day....

Friday, April 19, 2013

8 Reasons to People Watch

Week # 16 - LIFE'S Simple Pleasures ~ People Watching

LIFE can get complicated, sometimes.  This year, 2013, I wanted to explore simple pleasures... go back in TIME if you will to when we all weren't so busy... all the time.  This week I found that just by watching the people around us, we can get a true sense of who we are.
I'm sure there are more, but I found 8 reasons why YOU should people watch
It's relaxing and enjoyable.  You can physically do it anywhere you go. In the check out line of the grocery store, to a Starbucks in the middle of a busy mall, or while it's half time watching your kid's sporting event.
It passes time.  Maybe your job, the kids, or your studies have clouded your brain.  Put that stuff all behind you for a few moments and go sit somewhere and let LIFE happen around you!
People watching restores a sense of wonder.  What's even more fun is to watch the people, who are people watching.  Again, not in a voyeur sort of way.  It's fun to watch their reaction to a situation.
If you are an artist, it's a great source for artwork or photography and even writing.  People are so unique and we often forget that.
Along those same lines it can be informative.  You can spy fashion, you can see what's in with food and drink, you can eavesdrop on gossip or the current news.
If you've had difficulty in your own life, it could be inspiring.  It could lead you to thinking a different way and put you back on track to where you want to be.
It's a healthier version of electronic social media that takes over our life. Especially if you go outdoors and absorb the sunshine, the birds chirping and a light breeze, a breath of fresh air!
And finally, it's FREE!
So, as I close this post for today, I'm reminded of something that touched my heart ♥ earlier this week.  Remember the clown I watched at the Mall?  I find it so ironic that in my horoscope today it says... as one door closes another opens, and while this brings your birthday month to an end... with a sense that it's now game on!
You'll just have to stay tuned to see where this leads me. 
Please feel free to leave me a comment.  Do you people watch?  Where have you done it?  What stories do you have to tell?  Do you have any more reasons why we should people watch?
If the sun is not shining in your neck of the woods, I suggest you go Brighten Someone's Day!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Whose Watching You?

No detail is too small.

No eyewitness account is trivial.

But then it becomes a huge job, now there is so much information, which way to turn?

Not to 'cash in' on tragedy, but in the social media right now... if you saw something at the Boston Marathon that seemed out of place, you are asked to report it to authorities. The FBI, CIA, and local law enforcements are not only looking for the 'bad guys', but they are looking to the public, the people watchers.... asking, what did they see?

I've said this before, I can put a spin on anything, but it really struck a cord with me on Tuesday, the day following the tragic events at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. The police are looking for any information that ordinary people ( people on the streets of Boston) who may have observed someone out of place, someone who seemed nervous or fidgety, someone who was looking around to see if their actions were being noticed.

* People watching is all about observing.  Like I said the other day, the main purpose for doing * it is for amateur social science sport... entertainment!!  But it may be a sport that eventually leads to the arrest of some very sad individuals... criminals.

characters from my art journal
I never really watch those CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) shows, but I know a bit about the slang...MO's, artist's sketches, AFIS, slab, DNA, DB.... I was always intrigued by the Police sketch artist (hey, I had insert my art here into the post somehow).  But with today's social media.... there are reports all over the news that anyone with cell phone pictures or video from the area during the tragedy, to show them to the authorities.  Our camera's can observe a lot, with  hundreds, or even thousands of people at one event, any one of them could possible capture the evidence that leads to finding out who did this.
People watching can literally be done anywhere: airports, sporting events, restaurants, court, your home, church, parks, grocery stores, shopping malls & medical facilities.
Writers observe people in a natural environment to interpret their actions to establish characters and plots for a story.  Actors and performers observe reactions to situations, movements in body language, and voice inflections to develop connections to develop and drive their character persona. Police observe surveillance cameras to look for things that are out of place at a crime scene.
have you seent this manga dude?
Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop & look around once in a while, you could miss it.
I try and laugh at my own flaws. 
I consider myself at times the Mrs. Kravitz's of the neighborhood (she was the funny old lady on  Bewitched television show who would peer out her front window to see what's going on at the neighbor's house.)
Sometimes, we are so wrapped up in our own little world that we miss some things.  Here in the wake of an American tragedy... it appears that the authorities are asking people what they saw that day. 
Maybe it's not so weird to take a moment and reflect on LIFE'S simple pleasures - people watching, and be able to actually find a tiny detail that ends this story.  I hope they get caught!
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Saw the Naked Cowboy

I want to people watch while sitting on that bench drinking something hot with someone just as snarky as I am. ~ Pinterest
I find it most amusing how my ideas are formed and one thing leads to another.  Case in point, although I've done a ton of people watching over my years I didn't have much of an opportunity to do it yesterday.... but in a small way I did.  Here's my story....
My he♥Art Journal - Inspired by CEO
I had to run an errand to another city nearby.  It's almost spring here, and it was a pleasant drive with my car window open.  It's a good thing to have a GPS because I didn't know where I was going and eventually found myself driving into an un-familiar area. 
After my errand was complete I got back in my car and headed home.  But before I made it out of the parking lot my attention was directed left where a young man was leaning against a door frame, sitting on the ground strumming a guitar with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth.... not a care in the world.... and it made me smile!  During his break, did he need to get away from it all???
And for that 5 seconds of  watching him, I thought about... music, guitars, strumming....That lead me to thinking about people watching in New York City... that is one amazing place to do it. Week #15 - LIFE'S simple pleasures - people watching  (It's totally FREE)
This a photo I took when we were in NYCalmost 3 years ago.  You can see all the other tourist taking a picture of the Naked Cowboy... he is a fixture of New York and Time Square where tour guides take you to see him and his 'performance'. 
I love it people watching.... people watching... the smiles on their faces when the came upon him.... from the front he looks 'more' nakkid.... but this guy has made an art of being seen, and people stop to watch! And I just heard his name mentioned on Fox News for something, because he is a New York icon.  If interested click on the link below the picture to find out more about this guitar playing dude.
The stories that can be had while people watching..... can't make-up and write that stuff!!!! It's LIFE!
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Next Level

Sometimes I listen to strangers conversations and mentally give my opinion ~ Pinterest

In 'real' life we would never want to be in someone else's shoes and in all honesty, it's not our place to judge, but there is an amateur social science out in the world that it's okay to try and  guess another person's story and it's called people watching!

Sunglasses: allowing you to stare at people without getting caught.  It's like Facebook in real life.
People are fascinating! 
There are places all over the world known for their people watching... and people who go there know they will be on display and be seen.  That's why they go there!
There are places on the web that give you tips on the best locations to people watch...(just do a google search if you are interested) be it a cafe on the streets of Paris, or sitting on a rock during an outdoor music festival. 
And there are techniques to discreetly people watch like wearing dark sunglasses so no one can see your eyes, and by seeming to be interested in your beverage in hand... like a coffee!
Week #15 - LIFE'S Simple Pleasures - people watching
People watching is truly a sport!  There is even a coffee shop bingo.  It's an actual card you can print out and bring with you and share with your friends if you are going out people watching.  It has spots on it like 'cell phone ringing'  'children with a Starbucks drink' 'someone spills a drink'.  I'm not sure what you win if you can fill out the card diagonally, but that's probably what makes the game of people watching even better.  You get to make it up according to your day's observations!
What's even more funny.... WalMart Bingo for people watching.... it has spots on it's card like, 'pregnant woman with visible tramp stamp tatoo', 'rat tail hair', 'entire family in camo'.... hilarious!
I am waiting for the day that WalMart decides to put a bar in their stores.  That'll take people watching to the next level.
It's just a fun way to pass time. 
In light of the recent events in Boston, you can certainly people watch during a huge public event like the Boston Marathon.  I don't actually want to dwell on the tragedy of it ... but circulating on Facebook is an awesome quote by Mr. Fred Rogers....“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of ‘disaster,’ I remember my mother's words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world.”
We can certainly watch for the helpers, they are out there!

Monday, April 15, 2013

I Got Caught

Here's something a bit different for this weeks LIFE'S simple pleasures, but I must admit it is most fascinating, and I got caught doing it yesterday.
Week #15 - LIFE'S Simple Pleasures - people watching
Now you may say you don't have any TIME to waste and sit and people watch. And I say to that you are certainly missing out on some FREE entertainment. 
You must stand in a grocery check out line, don't you?  If you work outside the home, you must go out to lunch or the office cafe'?  At an airport waiting for flight?  Sitting in a carpool line? Sipping your Starbuck's coffee? Looking out your front door?  There are so many places you can people watch, even for just a few seconds or for a mindless amount of time.
This past weekend was my 49th birthday, yes, thank you!  Age is one thing I am not afraid of...can't turn that clock back!!! But I digress... I was taken out to lunch and celebrated, thank you friends and family... and after lunch we decided to stop by a local mall.... on a beautiful spring Sunday afternoon... oh what joy!  That mall had it all!!! Perfect for people watching!
People watching is different than voyeurism, I want you to understand that!  It's all a spin on 'words'.   I don't stalk people, I do extensive research through the Internet on them.  Just like I people watch, observing people and their interactions without their knowledge, not voyeurism (sexual pleasure) eww, sorry, I had to clarify that!
Instead of shopping I people watched.  I was discreet about it, for most of time, but then I got caught. 
"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."  ~ Henry David Thoreau
I was watching a sales person, you know one of those movable carts (kiosk) in the middle of the mall.  It was full of toy animals that rolled around, boxed models of cars, helicopters that hover and different kinds of balloons.  She was actually dressed up like a mix between a clown and a court jester.  No face paint (that would be scary to people who are afraid of clowns).  As children would run up to her cart to see all the fun toys, she would entice them with a balloon... Sponge Bob, Spider Man, Dora the Explorer and other fun and brightly colored shapes.
She tried and tried, and smiled as she would hold balloons near their face, not in a threatening way at all.  Parents would smile at her and shake their head no or they would ignore her completely, tugging a little harder at their child's hand as they moved away from this cart....in and out of the crowded halls of the very busy mall. Teenagers would avoid her.  Adults would just keep walking and pay no attention.  The clown had her own little space.
She would change her movements, she would talk to herself, and then bounce her handful of 'sticked' balloons up into the air, she would do a little jig, and start all over again when the new wave of a crowd passed by. She would pace back and forth, smile and try again, saying to everyone who came near, would you like a balloon???? They were not FREE!   It's not that I felt sorry for her, I just couldn't imagine doing that job.
And then I caught her eye, she saw that I was watching her, and to me it seemed like she got a little sad.  Her eyes were pleading. I was a good 15 feet away from her and she said to me, "Please pray for me, I'm trying to find another job."  I smiled, like I didn't understand her... there are so many foreigners who are in the mall, maybe I couldn't understand English... but of course I can. 
I looked away. 
But then I turned back and she continued on with her task and I continued watching.  It's a fun way to pass time, many writers and story tellers get inspiration through people watching.  But of course I was drawn to her, the clown in her bright outfit and the rejection she was getting from everybody. 
She knew I was watching her, and when she caught me again she said "when God closes one door another one will open"... and it really, really, really touched me! 
Eventually I got swept up into the crowd and I walked away from that session of people watching, but the clown has kind of followed me.  Not of course in a creepy way, but in a somewhat metaphoracal way.
When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us. ~ Helen Keller
I'm not sure how and why this came about in my life right now, but I think its a very good thing that I got caught.... now I just have to figure out why?
Week #15 - LIFE'S Simple Pleasures - people watching

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Feel Empowered

In a way... I'm addicted!
We all have our vices. 
Right now in one place I can find tried and true recipes (with great pictures).  I can figure out how to make my porch look springy (with great pictures).  I can put together an outfit with clothes I have in my closet ( from great pictures of skinny models, half my age).  I can re-create greeting cards, design a garden, put together a great gift, plan a party, make delicious cupcakes, clean my house and learn how to put on perfect eye make-up. 
Pinterest... making people feel EMPOWERED yet incompetent, INSPIRED yet overwhelmed and just plain HUNGRY all the time.

Week #15~ LIFE'S simple pleasures ~ Pinterest
The first picture was something that really caught my eye as I was skimming through Pinterest when I first found it!  Great eye appeal for the garden.  Simple to do, I already had the rocks on hand from either finding them in the dirt or having used them in the bottom of a potted plant. The second picture is my attempt at the rock swirl in my own secret garden.
And from there I saw some artist who took their river rock and painted cute things on them!  All kinds of things from symbols and feathers, to realistic animals, from cute pet rock lady bugs to garden plant markers... and I got inspired once again.

Going to Pinterest is a lot easier than going to the library.  It's a few clicks away. 

Although I love the library and I love books..... sometimes you don't need a whole book on rock painting... one cute little picture says it all and if you are a jack of all trades and master of none.... you take your chances and your resources and make pretty stuff!!!  And some of that stuff you can give away because it truly is made from the he♥art, and then you wow your friends and family and they will be amazed with what you can do!

And you can sit back and smile with your little Pinterest secret.... realizing according to some statistics that they reach up to 4 million unique visitors daily, and the average visit is 14 minutes long.

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Whole LOAD of c#@*

Aargh, I'm on over load!!!
Yesterday my posted blog pictures showed up, today there is a red x in the picture box. 

I've got two signature lines 'coded' in (how in the heck did I do that?)  and I'm trying to figure out the difference of when I down load a picture into a post, but up load it from a location on the computer.
Oh, and the difference between a dashboard and design.... that's a good one too... you probably don't get what I'm saying... but neither do I.

So, until I can figure a few things out further, I will give to you a little bit of eye candy from my Art Journal. 

I'm taking a class where I'm learning to think outside the box and try different techniques... some of it is mixed media art, some of it's from step by step tutorials, each piece is a little different.... maybe A LOT different.  The face above is copied  inspired from one I saw on Pinterest... but I can't upload the picture here to my blog and give them credit.... but if you really want to see how close I got, try and click here and see if it takes you to my Pinterest page where I pinned it.

Here is a fun one from the class.... Quirky Birds.  I enjoy this style!  Out lines, coloring within the lines, shadows, bright colors, whimsical faces.  Actually, this is a copy inspiration from another student in the class.  Her bird faces were so cute I had to try.  The picture below is the my original from the class tutorial....
These guys are kinda cute.... but they seem stiff!!!
 And then this weeks class... it's dark.  Black and white with a hint of pink.  This one is a bit too serious for me. 
I like to follow along with the class tutorial, which I watch on-line from my laptop ... any time, day or night... I just watch the video of the teacher showing us what to do... and then if I like the technique... after the initial class, I might go back and try again.  It's been a while since I've done faces (well in this class I've done a ton of faces.... I want them too realistic... but when I can't achieve that... I'm not sure how to create it my own)
THIS,  painting.... doodling.... drawing....I'm not afraid to learn how to do. 
But the computer?  Blog.... html code, signatures, layouts, gadget, cookies, links, social media buttons, up loads, widgets, free downloads..... oh my!!!
Stay tuned to what type of art I learn to create.  There is no load of crap there!
Creativity is messy
I am very messy!
Brighten Someone's Day!
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