Thursday, April 25, 2013

What on EARTH, do you need that for??

One man's trash is another man's treasure!
Years ago, probably about 25 years.... I couldn't imagine even stepping foot into a Goodwill Store.  I wanted everything new.  But then I got married, had children and we decided to live within our means on one income and I discovered the hunt for treasure is an awesome thing!!!!!

People give away (donate to their local thrift shop... Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers, Home of the Sparrow) 'new' stuff with the tags still on. 

I've posted on my blog throughout the past 6 years on my 'finds'.  I love this post Goodwill Hunting

Week # 17 - LIFE'S simple pleasures - all things EARTH

I thought I would talk about UPCYCLE, REUSE, RECYCLE..... or is it REPURPOSE, REUSE, UPCYCLE....or REJUVENATE?

New uses for OLD things!!!!!

I was going to go into TJ Maxx but a new to me store opened up recently next door called SAVERS. 

At first I thought it was a grocery story like Aldi's... but then there was a write up in our local paper and I found out it was a thrift store. I hit the mother load and found all three items above for $11 and some change.  Someone would say, 'what on EARTH do you need that stuff for'??  Here's what I did....
Doesn't look like much but a messy creative desk!!!  But I was tired with all the clutter.  The swivel holder on the right side holds all my ink pads.  I purchased it from SU! (Stamping UP $$) years ago, but it doesn't swivel very well, it hits the light and I knock things over when reaching for an ink pad.
On the left I have mugs filled with pens, paintbrushes, colored pencils, markers, punches, bone folders.... anything tall and skinny....can't find what I'm looking for, the mugs are full... and frankly, I'm tired of it!!!!

When I was in SAVERS I thought I could definitely use these 'new to me' items to help clean up my desk!
I moved the ink pads off the SU! swivel holder and put them in the wooden box with slots. (It's got a wood burned seal on the side... so something came in it)  I've seen husbands make these ink pad holders for their wives.... simple, but time intensive to create I assume.  I was also able to add coordinating pens in the same slot next to the ink pads. Ink pens really are supposed to lay flat, not up right in a mug... something to do with the ink flow. 
This item was actually FREE to me since I signed up to get a super 'SAVER' card!
And, instead of the swivel upright pen holder, I also got this wooden secretary with a drawer.  It had the initials LFH engraved on the front... but eventually I could repaint this, add colorful patterned papers and Mod Podge it... or just cover it up with a great reminder as seen in this picture (well, you really can't see it, but it reminds me to Do52) .  I was able to eliminate 2 mugs and 'stuff' pinned to the bulletin board... now there is a spot for everything within reach! (But I will miss my bulletin board, oh well, with change....)
I OBJECT to paying full price for anything.  I OBJECT to having new 'stuff', when, with a little thought I can repurpose some things. I OBJECT to becoming a hoarder, I am Frugal by Design!
Help us save the world, one art project at a time!!!!  REPURPOSE, REJUVENATE, RECYCLE! or is it reuse, upcycle, repurpose?


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