Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I've Been Framed

Thank you Pinterest for helping me feel CREATIVE even though I've really just been sitting at my computer for the last 3 hours!!! 
 Gotta love Pinterest, where they even have quotes about how most people get addicted to their site.
I must admit, I'm addicted... but I have common sense and stick to one of my many mantras, 'everything in moderation', of course!
Above is a picture frame jewelry holder.  I thought 'I could make that!' And I did!! 
Sorry, I was not able to find the original source of who created this FIRST!!! Well, I probably could, but then I'd be on the computer for way more than 3 hours!!!! After the first, so many people attempt the project and then theirs gets posted, so sometimes it's difficult to find where the original idea came from!
Here is my attempt.  I first posted  about this here.
If you click back onto that link (hover your mouse over the here button and click), I describe how I went about making my copy cat project.  It perfectly fit my needs and I like how it turned out!
Here's another favorite Pinterest project!  Since I am trying to learn Photo Shop (I have PSE 8) I am excited to take on little challenges in graphic design. I am so amazed how far digital design has come.  I love it, wish I could do more of it, possibly make a living at it? but realize my self taught talents get me by to make me 'seem' creative to my family and friends. Here's what I came up with ....
Original post here.
If you can't figure out what it means, let me tell you.... birthdays and anniversary.... again, I think I re-created a great copy cat rendition of the original I spotted on Pinterest.
This week, I'm spotlighting Pinterest here on my blog.  Visual pleasing virtual pin board!!    Week #15 ~ LIFE'S simple pleasures - Pinterest.
I have the most creative, organized and best decorated pretend house on Pinterest.
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