Monday, April 08, 2013

What's all the Interest about Pinterest

What do you call  'Fantasy Football' for women?  Pinterest!

It's Week #15 and I'm going to highlight one of the many social networking sites you can join for FREE.  It's a place where anyone can collect photos and links of visual pleasing things and pin them to a virtual pin board! Pin your interests, Pinterest.

Week # 15 - LIFE'S simple pleasures - Pinterest.

If you look at their logo, the letter P is in the shape of a push pin... so for computer savvy adults (as well, kids too) it's similar to  20-30 years ago when we would actually save our allowance money and buy high fashion magazines, Hollywood Teen Beat and Art Books.... tear out the pages of things we loved and aspired to, and pin them to our walls or cork board in our bedroom.

I have been a fan of Pinterest for a couple of years.  It was conceptualized in 2009,  and there have been great surges in it's popularity among young women. 

Although I don't 'pin' as much as many others, you could truly be on that site for hours (I go there every day for awesome quotes that I find to post on my blog, new recipes to cook for my family, beautiful ways to decorate and inspiration to tweak things a bit) ... clicking from link to picture to website to link (it is highly addictive, I must admit).

I want to try things and  I really try to CASe (copy and steal everything) when it comes to a craft project or a recipe, or a great idea! Bottom line, I also want to give kudos/credit to the original poster whenever I try to re-create something I share here!

There is something called Epic Pinterest Fail, where 'ordinary' people see a great photo, a wonderful tutorial and a grand final outcome and they want to re-create EVERYTHING from that post.  They show the before and after picture... and those who FAIL at their attempt laugh how simple some creative photographer, professional crafter and published author was able to make a gorgeous wreath out of a used book pages!
Now, no EPIC failure here!
I think I was adequately able to duplicate from the original.  Remember, I'm a 'copy' artist!!
I've made numerous wreaths like this.  Don't get me wrong.... a simple picture does not indicate how many hours truly went into creating this 'thing'.  Hours of tearing up an old book (that's hard to do when you are a book lover, but if you are a frugal book lover, you get books you don't really care about cheap from a garage sale or Goodwill).  Then forming the coil shape and rolling hundreds of flower buds, and then placing them with raw finger tips on the straw wreath because I've burnt my prints off with the hot glue from the glue gun! But I loved the end result.  The 'word' is, wreaths like this start at $40 and go up from there.  I'll call this  project a success!
"I speak fluently in Pinterest quotes!"

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