Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Spring Fever

Spring, the season of new beginnings!
Today, April 2, 2013
Don't you think February and March went by in the blink of an eye??  Everyone around here in the mid-west was beyond tired talking about the weather. And all the cold and snow we eventually got, seemed to last forever and was very late in the winter season.
I always get the best indication of the seasons through my window on the world, my backyard and patio.
After a few weeks of different 'spring breaks' our house is back to 'normal' today. 
We all know spring is coming because some groundhog tells us... but he could be and is often wrong!! 
Spring is coming when you fill out your NCAA basketball brackets (by the way, it's looking like this momma who came in last place last year.... might be winning and taking $$ from my babies!!)
Spring and Easter are normally synonymous. 
Once the newspapers' sport section start showing baseball we all know there is Spring Training with Opening Day, not far behind. 
Spring sales sell sandals when we are barely out of boots.  Spring fever happens when we get our first few beautiful days and no longer want to wear our dark, drab coats of winter... so we freeze our butts off to tell Mother Nature we know the calendar reads SPRING!  April Showers, bring May Flowers.  It's Spring Time.
Once the last snow melted, I saw these tulip buds stretching out of the mulch to reach for the sunshine!
Week #14 - LIFE'S Simple Pleasures - spring!
This is a great pleasure to enjoy... it's absolutely FREE!

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