Thursday, September 30, 2010

Think Pink

- Even more punch art fun
- Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys
- Another gorgeous day

Look at this cool cat!!  Does he make you think 'pink'? As in Pink Panther?  Or just a really cool kitty?  While blurfing I found another creative punch artist at Blinkin, Thinkin & Inkin. How's that too cute of a name for a blog even!!!  She does some simply AMAZING stuff !!! Incredible fun! I love this ribbon and am starting to run out.... but better to use the stuff right?

Dang, should have taken the picture last night when Bubba was really getting into it.... he was hee hawing and guffooing.....the cowboy stuff I mean.  Of course, last night at 10 pm he asks if we have stuff for the Cowboys and Indians theme for 'outfits' for Homecoming Spirit.  We've had that hat since he was about 2 for dress up.  He found the shirt in his dad's closet.  He couldn't look happier at 7am this morning, huh?

Wish us luck, it will be great no doubt!

My dogs and I are lazy, it's true
But it's time conquer the world and go out.
The sky is a gorgeous blue. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Zindorf- September

- A card FORE anyone
- What would your TLC show be called?
- It's all business

Recently Michelle Zindorf had this simply cute tutorial on her blog.  She isn't one much for words or sentiments.  But I like it anyhow!

Although I have been reading books, cooking new recipes, weeding out dead bushes, creating in my studio and doing my SAHM chores, I have too much time on my hands!  Seriously, too much time to watch shows on TLC. I don't hoard, have 8-19 kids, 3 wives, I'm not little in a big world or obese, didn't know I was pregnant, don't know What Not to Wear, and I don't have a cake boss.   But somehow these shows are addictive.  I think they need to have a show about these cameramen who 'live' with these families and tell us what an odd job they have.

Two times in less than six months ... DH is in NYC.... this time for business.  He feels all smart right now because he understands where he is going in the city.  I'm a wee bit jealous.  So far so good, as business trips go!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Face 'card'

- CAS-ed card
- Using scraps from my bin
- Slow news day

Greeting cards that are made into a fantabulous whimisical face are super duper cute!!   I've made silly ghosts & very green frankensteins, and other Faces before.  And now, an adorable friendly scarecrow with a knotted bandana, straw hat, stitching and a bit of fringed hair, plus a little blush in his cheeks!

Cool and gorgeous sunny blue fall sky out there today.  Running late due to an early morning ortho appointment.  Don't know what the theme for homecoming is today, hmmmm.  Volleyball match tonight. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wayward Whimsy

- I love WHIMSY - it just sounds fun and exciting
- Homecoming week at the high school
- Beautiful fall day

I don't always like mixing papers and patterns and sizes, etc... I think it makes for a busy card... but sometimes you've got to try different styles and elements.  Here is my result.  Although the paper is  from a matched set, it's a subtle mix, even the bow 'matches' yet it is different. Brads in the corners, inking of the edges.  I would call this a very 'nice' birthday card. Something for a great aunt or a friend you barely know.  Not my usual WHIMSY.  But that is okay, trying out different styles.  And that's good!

It's Homecoming Week at the high school.  Sissy and I actually convinced our Senior to 'play' along.  For the underclassman, today's theme is Illinois sports teams.  You know how hard that is for us die hard Wisconsin Fans.  The only loyalty we can give is to the Black Hawks.  So, Sissy is sporting her t-shirt we got when we went to Orlando this summer.  Her v-ball team wanted to represent Chicago!
As for Bubba, seniors dress differently.  Their theme for today is Ken & Barbie.  So, we dressed him up as Malibu Ken, Hawaiian shirt, puca shell necklace, flip flops, a little cologne and some dark sun glasses.  I'm thrilled he wanted to play along.  But it was like pulling teeth.

- Packers vs. the Bears.... Monday night Football!!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Please Shine Down on Me

- Paper Pansies, flowers for all occasions
- Send a card to someone today, just because (I said so)
- Naked?

creative GREETINGS!! blog visitors.  I've noticed a little more visitor activity on my blog.  Thank You for stopping by.  I'd love to hear what you think.  It might be tough to comment below, blogger has some issues... but if you'd like, you can send me an email at  I hope you like what you see, and maybe have a giggle or two from my take on this weird world we live in.  The above card is going in the HOS Yellow box ready for sale in the Awning Shop.  Don't know what I'm talking about click ---> HERE

One of my favorite past times is people watching.  Got to do a lot of that in NYC this past May.  You can see more than you ever thought you would at Time Square.  I love to people watch behind my sunglasses, even though you probably know what I'm doing, I feel I'm hidden behind my Foster Grants.  I love sitting at the top row of bleachers and watching the fans below me.  I love standing in long lines, weird I know, but then I can 'watch' what's going on around me.

-I'm leaving you with this image of the naked cowboy!!! 
-Have you sent out your card today, just because....
- Go do it.... NOW!!!!  It will brighten someone's day!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feeling Rather Punchy

- Two step bird punch from SU!
- Birds and butterflies are so trendy
- I love creating!!

I haven't placed an order with Stampin Up! for a while but knew when I did, I wanted to get this two step bird punch.  It punches out the body the wing and the branch.  I love checking out the gallery posts at SCS (Splitcoast Stampters) there have been sooooo many cute ways to use this bird.  Some punch happy lady even used this punch and created loons, flamingos, parrots and a cardinal.... all I can say is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  This is why I love this craft so much!!  I am thrilled and amazed and inspired... every DANG day!!!
Same card layout, just different colors....

In other news: I went to a Massage Therapist on Tuesday, hoping she could help my back.  She didn't sense it was a back issue at all, never even rubbed a back muscle... and two days later, I would say I'm feeling 50% better.  Her diagnosis is that my internal organs are not completely sitting right, that my intestines are slightly twisted and I have a lot of excess lymphatic fluid that is not moving fluidly.  Although my baby is 15 (gasp) and due to my age and stage in life (wink) ... just like your outer parts sag and droop due to gravity, your innards can too.  And if there is scar tissue from being pregnant, sometimes organs fuse together. For more info check out Lymphatic Drainage on google or HERE is one site. She said it would take 3-5 days to feel all the effects intense circular massage on my stomach. Who da thunk?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Falling into Autumn

Falling into Autumn (part II)

- Banner or mini scrapbook?
- First day of Fall
- This post s#cks.... three times re-typing it, woe is me

Cute and challenging mini scrapbook that could be a banner from Laura on her Ustream channel at Following the Paper Trail. Each page has a tag that looks like a banner and they pages come apart from the clasp at the top, so you could make it into one of those cool swags. Or, keep it as is, an awesomely cute mini scrapbook to hold all of your fantastic fall photos.

I can tell it's Wednesday (all day by the way). Lawn care service down the street was whipping around the neighbors house  (wet, wet, WET grass) at 7:40am. I've got a great service, Peggy's Lawn Care, with Tucker and Cooper specializing in fertilizing! And the neighbor across the street, her cleaning people just showed up. Robinson's Maid to Made is here too... with Tucker working on picking up the crumbs on the floor and Cooper licking the windows 3' and under sparkly clean!! Aw the sweet life!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paper Flowers

- What can you make from a strip of paper?
- Is it a bow for the top of a cute gift?
- Corsage for Homecoming?

Blurfing one day I came upon another blogger making flowers out of a single paper strip 2" wide and 12" long. Fold strip like a hot dog bun (length wise) so it will be 1" x 12".  Cut 'fringe' into the folded strip (like cutting grass when you were a kid, cut on the open side) and roll the strip tight adding glue every few inches.  When dried, you peel open the petals and voila~, get a pom pom flower. Patterned paper is thinner and might give a softer look.  You can add a middle in a different color strip.  You can make it flat or FULL. These might be too 'puffy' for a card, but great on top of a mini scrapbook or bow for packaging.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Double, Double, toil and trouble

- Which feet are the witches feet?
- Punch art with Top Note
- Come celebrate fall, if not Halloween

OMG! So dang cute.  I really am getting into these punch artist who take all these punches we crafters have sitting around and make them into something awesomely cute and cool!!!   If you look closely, the witch shoes are the same form as the green background paper.  That punch (or die cut in this case) is Top Note by SU!  What I did is make the same cut with the black paper, folded it in half and then used circle punches to get the point for the tip of the shoe and another circle punch in the part where the legs would go into the shoe.  The buckles are another SU! punch in the center.  Stockings were hand cut, but I'm sure someone probably used a punch in the original.

I made three of these cards and they went out to my Card of the Month Friends.  For two years now, with varied interest, I create cards that relate to the month or the holiday season.  Most COTM-ers are on card #10 (October) and I always send out the card a month ahead of time, so in this case it is a Halloween theme or colored card. One COTM-er WON this yearly deal as a gift on HOS, one COTM-er was given this as her Christmas gift, and one, actually bought this as a gift to herself!! SURprisE, a cute hand made card from me comes each month directly to her mailbox.
One card mate wanted her cards to be the year of  'coffee'... the card right above, so each month she gets a card ready to invite a pal out for coffee.  Notice, I'm using brown and orange colors to go with a fallish feel. It's blank inside so she can write in her own sentiment. Could have had a witch brewing some coffee, dang!!!

- Send out a Halloween card, it can be a way that you tell someone you are thinking of them
- I have lots of cute cards in stock!!!
- Check out creative greetings too! my other card only blog , look under FALL or Halloween

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ahoy thar matey!

- What's the next card making holiday?
- How many embellishments are too many?
- Oh send a Halloween card, they are great fun to receive!

This card isn't even from my stash of Halloween supplies!  I saw a cute card and then something on Heidi Swapps blog with the House of 3.... embellishments times 3... with banners and crepe paper and inking the edges.  Too cute not to follow the lead and come up with my own, similar, yet different Halloween card. Do you think it's too much?

- Official site to Talk Like a Pirate Day
- Why not have some fun this weekend
- You could win some booty (A nautical term for treasure)

The House of Shine (not to be confused with the House of 3) wants you to host a family fun Talk Like a Pirate Bingo Game this weekend, in honor of this 'great' national holiday.  The party host who collects the most donations for the HOS Yellow Envelope Project wins one of 5 special theme related tool belts.  You could even win mine, pictured aboveThe card makers tool belt!!  You could make your own card to send to someone who SHINES!!!!  For more details go to P-aaaaarty!

Do this, or I'll make yer walk thee plank!  Aaaaarrrrr!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

When Two Become One

- This is actually a scrapbook layout
- Sometimes I just love the multiple layers
- Color combo is unique

Ok blog friends, bare with me as I try to find myself a new unique look that is just me.  Which means my blog is under construction.  Stay tuned to switches, zamboozles and things that don't make sense.

I love this card!  I made the background card stock with a paisley SU! stamp.  Added white gel pen to give it that bandana look.  Bought a bunch of knock off Prima flowers in a cream color, so I'm having fun making them my own color.On the original layout they had one picture on this page, slightly under the area where the star is.  Wow, I used to fill my scrapbook pages with pictures, now they fill the pages with 'stuff' and add one picture.  Cool.

- Chinese III
- Humanities
- AP Chemistry
- World Lit

And there is more (to much to list) , 8 minutes per class, 9 periods,  for two hours last night at Open House.  However, I found it funny, like us, we were going back and forth between two kids classes.  When one kid had a study hall we visited the other class.  One dad made a point to go back to the parent sign in sheet, cross out his kids name.... wrong kid.  Wow, high school.  It's all one big prep for college.  Although the teachers seemed fun, accelerated class have to give homework, ugh!  Kudos to today's high school students!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's just a note!

- Can you tell the stamp from the hand drawn image?
- Frayed twine down on the bottom by the layer of DS paper
- Bling in the middle of the flower to add some POP

This cute simple card with the one tiny layer at the bottom is from a post on SplitCoast stampers and I'm so proud to say that I actually wrote down the spot I CASed.

I'm also having fun writing with a straight edge.  It makes my printing look almost like a stamp. The green leaf is the stamped image, by the way.

- Hump Day
- At a loss for words
- Open house tonight, get to follow my kid's schedule, yay!

- Select cute doggie picture for the 'awwww' factor.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can I try that again, and again and maybe one more time?

-It's time for a change.
-A Make over or
-A do over....

Cute yellow card put together like pieces in a puzzle.  Used the paisley embossing folder for the background and proudly displayed a Martha Stewart butterfly, front and center.  Simple card.  You can use any colors, and any punch, they will all turn out simply gorgeous.  My blog may be under construction.  I have to check with my designer and see how motivated she is for some change!!!

-Why do parents do this?
-Every sport has the over-zealous fan
-When will they learn?
Sissy had a tournament this past weekend.  Two of the teams looked like they put a bunch of girls together on a rec league... we easily beat them something like 25-6.  The other three teams were competitive.  One teams parents (or should I say dads) were obnoxious.  This one dad stood out because he would ask DH and I how our daughter's team did when he couldn't see us playing in the small gym. 

Eventually we moved up to the big gym and  politely waited in the hall to enter and this guy is peeking in through the  gym window, talking and gyrating and then hit the door really hard.... guess he didn't like the play? Our team played against his daughter's team.  The referee could not make a decent call.  Oh, and of course all the bad calls were against his daughter's team.  Did you see that ref?  He calls out. Ah come on! He would yell out. 

We 'normal' parents sit and actually cheer on our daughters.  And just watch those weird parents who jump around in their seats in disgust, as their daughter's team looses.  How embarrassing... I'm sure it's not the first time.  Sissy's team did win the overall tournament.  Ah, sweet victory!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

First of all, YAY! Packers!   Win!
By the way, this is the birthday card I made for my lovely mom.  It kind of has an earthy fall feeling to it. Don't cha thin?
Things that make you go hmmm:
What is it with rude people? I ask DH all the time "Did you see that?" and he says"See what?" I know that I'm more observant than the average joe.  I have more time to observe.  A few weeks ago in Sam's Club as we were waiting in the check out line, I turn and people watch.  And my oh my are there some people to watch!  As this older gentleman walked pushing his cart, his mission to find an open lane and get (the hell) out of there, encountered a young child dancing about without a care in the world in the middle of the wide aisle (You know the part right before the check out lanes?)  He said boldly ( but it could have been coldly?gruffly?  Maybe he just has a loud booming voice, or maybe he wanted the child to hear him) "Watch Out".... to which the pregnant mother (in an entirely different aisle) along with her mother, clueless husband and baby in the cart finally turn their attention back to their wondering child... rush up to her and ask, what did that man say to you?  The child shrugs and the agitated mother who was not aware of  her young child's antics at all (but I was watching the show) says. .. I think he told her to "Watch Out".  With mommy grizzly bear eyes, she looks like she wants to chase after the 'old man'.... who didn't have to be rude, just because she is a child doesn't mean she isn't a human being. The husband says drop it, and the grandmother tends to the other ignored child in the shopping cart.  Did the older gentleman "YELL" at the child, or merely in a commanding voice warn the child? You know how kids listen? or don't listen!!! Was the unsupervised dancing child in harms way? And when do parents need to take responsibility to watch their children and teach them manners to stick with the cart and move out of peoples way, after all, a store is not a park to play in.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tuesday Morning Find

I am and I was a little obsessed with creating these mini scrapbooks.  Although still learning, I love all the elements, all the embellishments and the pockets and tags that can be created.  Fiber, ribbons, buttons, yippee!!  Love that lolly flower!!! Here is the front cover of the latest one.  Went to Tuesday Morning a few weeks ago and found this cute scrapbook kit for $1.99!!!  I thought the papers (8 12"x12") were great!   I created my mini book at 6" x 6" and have paper left over to make cute cards.  The kit came with all the chip board tags. The book is ready for you to just add your special memory. Crop your pictures, journal the events and it's finished.  Please inquire within if you'd like this little keepsake!
Inside view of one of the 6 double pages.  So there is room on the front, inside(made it like a pocket folder, so there is a pull out tag) and back of  one page.  There are 3 places per page, times 6.... which means 18 places to add pictures, journaling and other fun!

On the side: Want to re-send Happy Birthday wishes to my mommy, who turned 30 years older than me, yesterday!!!  Sissy's team lost in 3 to cross town rivalries at last nights volleyball match.  I'm so proud of her.  Although she'd rather play defense, she has played setter many times.  Last night the setter got injured and Sissy stepped up to the plate and did a great job!! I can't say much for the rest of the team.  She tried to keep positive with the situation at hand, but some other team mates couldn't make the switch up work, and sadly in the end they couldn't get it together.
My back is still hurting.  I'm going to call a massage therapist now.
Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

I'm Seeing Pink

*Ok, so we've established I'm just a copy cat.*

Look at this chest of drawers with baby stuff falling out everywhere.  Drawer pulls made of brads and punched flowers.  Inked the edges to give it depth.  Cuttlebugged the arch of the legs.  Used craft wire to make a tiny hanger.  Although this card did take a few hours to make, it was so much fun!  I'm lucky that I have honed ( Make sharper or more focused or efficient) in on my drawing skills, and I have just enough cardmaking tools to get by, that at times I can virtually copy anything!!!!  I thank the great cardmaking artists out there and am sorry I can't give credit to their original work! I'm just bad at  writing down whose unique work it is and blogging the credits.  Will be mailing this out to a baby girl near you!
So, who do you look like? Has anyone you met said..." has anyone every told you you like Kate Hudson?"  Or, "you have Gregg Kinnear's eyes, or you have a smile like George Clooney?"  Dh often gets the line  (not the George Clooney part)  "You look familiar, did we go to the same high school?"  Or, "are you so & so's brother?"  Yes, DH is someone's brother, but he lives in Indiana.  Sissy tells me people think she looks like Taylor Swift.  My PT has a very similar face to Bo Derek. My neighbor has the eyes, glasses and smile of  Paper Trufflez, Julie.  I start out by asking someone, who do people say you look like?  It's a good ice breaker, and I'm often right, they look like that famous person! 

 Me....nobody has ever said I look like ANYBODY.  Heck I was standing in the entry way of the dog groomer and I saw one of my son's hockey player dads.  I said "Hi" to him, because I've met him and seen him at the rink.... I honestly think he didn't recognize me.  I've never thought myself a 'stunning' beauty.... when I was younger I was cast as the The ingĂ©nue : is a stock character in literature, film, and a role type in the theatre; generally a girl or a young woman who is endearingly innocent and wholesome. Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable, that's who you are".... no, I'm forgettable.  Oh, honestly, I'm trying to make a point here, through the self-deprecation (Self-deprecating humor relies on the observation of something negative about the person delivering the commentary)... after all these years... DH finally said to me... I'm uniquely originally, there is no one quite like me!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Polka dot You

I love blurfing to get ideas!  What to do with a crazy polka dot pattern paper, of course, add more dots to it!  Too dang cute!  I'm thinking of you!  Hey, thanks for visiting my blog!
Cool, cool cool sunny hump day morning!  After a windy day yesterday.  I heard strange noises on the west side of the house, when I ventured out, 4 rows of siding were flapping in the wind.  When Bubba got home from school he helped me put up the 20 foot ladder and duct taped it down until DH can figure out what to do!  Duct tape, such a great product! 
Sissy's v-ball won in 2 games last night, pretty easy.  Went into a 'cute' resale shop in a town nearby.  I feel like I know this one lady (the owner?) and I've only been in their twice.  She has a big personality.  I don't know if she is making a fashion statement or she has been ill.... but she sports a beautiful bald head.  Yesterday their schtick was anytime someone walked in.. they said hello, Hello, HELLO.... hello... like the three stooges!  How could you not SMILE at that.  Having FUN and not being afraid too!  Wow!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Living in the moment

It's kind of funny what you eventually do to a card if your initial stamping is off kilter, the entire card then goes kiddie wumpus!! Colors of the card also look much better IRL (in real life).  As the days go by I realize I need a few more things in my life that aren't so straight and narrow, so perfectly lined up, a little crooked!  Huh?  shakes things up a bit.
Beautiful Labor Day weekend!  How about you?  The grands came down for a visit and we had a delish grilled out steak and potato lunch!  Yummo!  Got things done around the house.  And now it's another week!  Cooler temperatures already, means that fall is just around the corner. Gotta find a way soon to help someone on a part time basis.  I do have skills..... hmmm, what to do?


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