Monday, June 27, 2016

Dance Like No One is Watching

Well, in this case.... Tucker is watching...
maybe he is actually singing Dog Tunes!!

Ever have one of those days.... just a ruff one,... things don't seem to be going right?

In all honesty, only your loved ones care.... and (sad to say) that's debatable....

Just shake it off!!!!!

Think about it though..... if you have friends and family.... for a moment you can bring a smile to their face..... sending snail mail.... or as I call it FuN MaiL..... is a special way to let someone know you are thinking about them!!!!

No peeking!  I just might be dancing around the house searching for my muse.... and creating a card you didn't even know you needed!!!!

Now go and brighten someone's day!!!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Feelin Blue

I've been part of a challenge.  

And when prompted with an idea, I create a prdesigns creative greetings card!  

The idea here, started with an Umbrella theme.... then I came up with the rest.  

The way I do it.... come up with the rest?  I do a google search and go on Pinterest and look up quotes on Umbrellas, or look up umbrella doodles or images..... and I combine all my research and use my characters or slightly alter what I see..... and I doodle the imagine, color it in, add a sentiment and create a card....

So, from looking up UMBRELLA.... I doodled my dogs Cooper & Tucker and found a sentiment and then realized it would become a 'get well' card.

As always.... I make all kinds of cards and you can find them under the categories to the left over here <---- .="" p="">

Check back or keep clicking on different links to see all my creativity!!!

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Greeting Card Update

Hello Friends!!

I'm here! Being creative every day, still.... but not always here on the blog.

Looking for a great card for a special friend?  In the need of a small hostess gift?  Want a birthday gift that will be truly loved???  Pick out a few cards from PRDesigns, creative greetings.

My cards are unique and whimsical.... and one of kind!

House Warming Card
Add a gift card to the local Home Depot or
Dinner out on you, to a local diner.

 Book Lover Friend
Add a gift card to Barnes & Noble
or a cute journal with a pen

Want your friend to know that they are a super
Add a gift card to a spa or some funky nail polish with a file!

Can't quite put your finger on it.... but you want a special card?

More ideas can be found on the left side of this blog.  Clicking on one of the categories takes you to a post that has that style card.  Similar cards can be recreated.  Four, five or 6 pack of a variety of cards make a great gift!!<----- 6="" and="" another="" any="" blog="" can="" cards="" categories="" click="" created.="" custom="" five="" for="" gifts="" great="" i="" it="" just="" made="" make="" nbsp="" of="" on="" or="" other="" our="" p="" pack="" post="" samples="" similar="" something="" take="" the="" to="" too="" variety="" ve="" will="" with="" you="">

I'd be happy to answer any of your questions. I mail anywhere in the US using Priority Shipping. Never had any ask if I mail overseas.... but standard international shipping rates would apply.  

Email me at  

Send snail mail, and Brighten Someone's Day

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