Thursday, November 15, 2012

Slug Bug

Dear Blog followers:  I hate to say this, it saddens me to admit it....
no new projects to show you!!! 

But don't be too disappointed, these are never before seen photos of adorable and colorful VW's.  A few months ago my bean counting DH and I walked up the street to one of the local car dealers who were hosting strictly a VW bug & mini bus car show.  It was so cute and nostalgic!

 The pride in ownership was evident.  Some of the Beetles were fully restored... and some were tenderly cared for.  But they all made us smile!
Although I'm not a car enthusiast... I'm always open to LEARN new things.  It was a great day (look at the beautiful blue skies in the background) and we went to a place where a lot of people enjoy what they do.  I so appreciate passion and dedication.  Best of all... it was FREE!

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