Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You Are Doing Just Fine

One fine day I saw these really cute gals and I thought how simple, closed eyes with pretty lashes, pouty lips like a heart ♥, fun and silly hair bobs, collars on the shirt or do-dads sitting on the hair, dresses out of amazing patterned paper and different backgrounds with computer generated type written classic sayings... and then poof, all of sudden... I made bunches of these adorable girlies

Each one is a little master piece of similar but one of a kind artwork.  All of them are for sale!  Tell your friends, okay!!!! I'm okay, you're okay! Kay?

If I 'took it all in' my head would be swimming with even more ideas.  But I am grateful and thankful for each new day... sad, but sometimes I have to convince myself of that.  I think the holidays and the change of seasons always makes one melancholy... but I have to believe that I am doing just fine!!!

1 comment:

jumbledhutch said...

These girlies that you are doing are just precious! I just love them! So fun! You are they are works of art! I need to get back to working with my honey gals :)


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