Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tag of the Day

 These may be a repeat on 'show casing' my creativity... little ole tags....I know I have been creative in greetings and journaling .... but sadly, this is all I've got for you today.

 I must not be doing my blog job very well... hmmm...

Speaking of odd jobs... have you noticed more road kill on the highways lately?  Segway: Now that I drive the same road over and over again, day after day to my DAY job... I notice things (as part of SEEKING to be aware) and I'm seeing a lot of squished animals... I laugh at the same time on this particular stretch of highway... the roadkill is beyond smushed by now (thus the fact of odd jobs... wasn't that part of the city road department to clean up animal carcases... I think it's a job that has been eliminated... due to cuts)

Anyway.... so one of God's creatures is dearly departed (at this point for weeks or more than a month) ... but it's fluffy tale is still in tact... and every time a car zooms by... it stands at attention for a brief second.... and then falls back to the pavement. It's saluting me as I drive by!

Another job I would not like to have... a teller in the bank in our grocery store.  A bank in the grocery store?  No more 'banker's hours' for these tellers!!!   They're open on Sundays... and at least once a month they stop us as we finish at our self-check out trying to get us to open a 'free' checking account.... then I saw one of the tellers walking  up the aisles, handing out flyers to attract more customers... I try and be nice and smile... I know it's her job... but ugh!

We have been shopping there for over 6 years... and we have been doing business at our bank for the same amount of time.... we don't think the two should mix... but as I was saying... another job I wouldn't want to have.

Oh my... what job am I meant for? stay tuned!

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