Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Doodle Video

Hello! Well, I don't know how advanced I'm getting.  
But I love to learn new things,  

So, here is my first attempt at creating a doodle video.

The original doodle took me almost 4 minutes.  Which I think is pretty good.  But in this day and age where people want to see it.... get it.... and move on, I figured I needed to speed it up.  It is now just under a minute.  I draw so fast!!!

Who knew my little iphone could do all of this?  Funny to say phone.... smart phone with a video camera and FREE apps that can make you look totally awesome.  And just a simple.... four hours later you get something like this ....

Edit: Yes, the video doesn't work.  Darn!  I am working on this new techie stuff.  Stay tuned.  Some day I will figure it out!!!

For me, I still love sharing my basic doodle.... The adventures of Cooper & Tucker.  I actually drew this same picture twice because I had added something to the video that I didn't know how to un-do technically.... so it was much simpler just to re-draw the picture.

 And then later in the day I decided I can't just have a blank page.... well, I mean an un-colored page.  I went back in and added the color.

After all this processing was done, I asked my hubby why the heck I did this.  

And he said  'because you like to learn new things, especially because it makes you a better person when you get creative and share'.  

Not sure today at this moment what the heck I'm going to do with this knowledge ....  but I do know that a part of me gets so excited when "I get it" and then another part of me says 'this is soooo hard' and then another part of me goes 'what else do you have to do' and then another part of me says 'go big or go home'.  

I really think all these parts of me need to stop talking behind my back and get on the same page.  

Enjoy my little doodle video. Edit: Some day!!!

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Cheryl Houston said...

Hi Friend! Hey, the video doesn't work. Is it just me?

Peggy said...

You are correct. The video doesn't work! Bahaha.....argh. More technology I have to learn. I will send it to you via text. That should excite you!!!!!


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