Tuesday, October 10, 2017

It's a Dog Doodler's Life

I am a pet owner... what the heck... I'm a mom to a fur baby.... Tucker... is not an unusual breed, but I've not met many Pomeranian dog owners.  

He may look different to some, because we get his hair... coat.... trimmed.  He is considered a Toy... of small stature.  He is cute and cuddly... and he is NOT a puppy.... I think he is over 10 years old, we got him as rescue ... and as the years go by... I'm not sure anymore his exact age.

He is a cutie!  I've  talked about him on the blog before.   He and his big brother from another mother Cooper, who we lost in September 2016 to bone cancer, have certainly given me something to doodle about! Clink on the links on the left side of the blog, you will see the Adventures of Cooper & Tucker!

Here is my digi doodle version of Tucker.  I've made him into greeting cards.  He's had blog posts and Instagram posts..... doesn't he look innocent?  
Who me???
This is one of the things I like best about being a doodler... I get the chance to create what I see in my mind... and share it with others.

Sweet Caroline - Dream Believer

Another thing I get to do... being a creative, card maker, doodler... artist extraordinaire.... I get to make gifts for friends and family.  Note cards as gifts... you will see doggies (and other animals) Caroline and Gus made into fun cards...  I sure hope the receiver used these fun personalized cards.... sent them out and spread the SHINE.... brighten someone's day....

Sweet Caroline - Wishing on a Star

Doodling someone's pet, or creating them as a whimsical caricature... with their hobby....school colors... favorite flower.... you name it.... is a great way to give a special personalized gift!  We need to send and receive more FuN MaiL..... happy mail, not bills and junk mail!

Dotted Doggie - Paper Pieces

And ... of course... there are all kinds of cards to be made with all kinds of colored paper, shapes and textures.  I love paper and I love putting colors together in unique ways!

I come and go with consistent posting.... but I'm pushing ahead a little bit more about SNAIL mail, cards, affirmation, love, recognition ... bottom line... people love to receive FUN MAIL.... validation that friends and family are thinking of them.... a card with a few words can truly 
Brighten Someone's Day!!!!
contact me via email if I can create something for you
Many unique cards in stock, starting at $3.50 + s&h


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