Thursday, May 17, 2012

A visit to My Journal

My heART Journal  pages are starting to fill up, slowly, but surely.  I'm trying to explore mixed meda art one page at a time.  And here are a few of my latest pages.
Paper piecing, punches, a few doodles and mono chromatic colors are what I am familiar with.  So, I am practicing coordinating them to make a scene. Although it is not Christmas time, after I was completly satisfied with this page, it felt somewhat like a Partridge in a pear tree... yet with a twist!
Close up: I've been trying to find words, phrases even letters from magazine pages that convey my feeling for the page.  I'm not quite sure I believe what I've pasted, but I am trying very hard to think outside my safe little box.  And I will admit at times I do not feel comfortable.  But that is the whole reason for this journal!

And finally, at times I like graffiti. 
Of course in the appropriate place it is an awesome expression of art, there is a lot of talent for spacial content that is truly amazing when you see good tagging. (hee hee)  I went outside the box literally on this and painted a birthday box that was sent via USPS.  Had to send some really fun and bright FuN MaiL!!!

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K Hutchinson said...

I can see your growth with each page! Love your lettering! That is something I need to work on!


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