Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Dog Trails

Last week my mojo (self confidence) was working and I cranked out a ton of new cards.  Although I like the word mojo... I think maybe my muse (goddess of inspiration) was present.

I know, I say this ALL the time..... some day maybe, it will happen... it's my final destination.... but I jut love to copy other peoples' work (never claim it my own) and just see how close I can come to the original.  These dogs all have personality and charm, and just by a simple line doodle you can tell what type of dog is 'yapping' for joy it's someone's birthday! Markers and water color pencils finish the job. Simple!

Copy sounds too harsh a word and too illegal!!!!  I did a CASe study and ended up with this fun loving card for any pet lover!  All of the dogs have Stickle sparkles on their dog collars.

I'm a walking controversy (in my own mind).... I want my cards to be original and unique, yet I CASe other people's work.  No two of my cards are alike... I think I have to work on this concept a bit more.

Meanwhile: Happiness is a direction, not a place~Sydney J. Harris

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K Hutchinson said...

This is just adorable! It reminds me of the dogs from Clifford! SMILE- maybe I have been watching to many kid shows lately!

Glad to hear your muse is with it! I think mine if finally back after a long long break too! SMILE!

I personally think that you need to boost up your self confidence! You are one talented artist! SHINE ON, my friend!


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