Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ladybugs & Rainbows

 A cute doodle and some punches of red, black and white
 make this little ladybug card pop with delight!

A grand niece is turning one and I thought it would be fun... to create a card that related to the lb spots on the original invitation to the party!  I always think that makes the card even more special when it comes to the mail box as some FuN MaiL!

Saw a beautiful rainbow (and a couple of times a double rainbow) yesterday evening after our short spring time rain. This was the view outside our front porch!

Ladybugs and rainbows in many cultures are considered good luck.  They are of course what myths, legends and stories passed down through the generations are made from.  I don't think it will hurt one bit to truly believe that good luck will come our way.

Ladybugs go back into Biblical times and are related to the Virgin Mary.  Farmers want ladybugs to eat harmful insects that infest crops.  If a ladybug has lucky 7 spots or more on her back she will bring good luck.  The direction the ladybug flies away will be the direction your wish comes true!
Rainbows are a symbol of hope, defined by Noah.  The Japanese refer to a rainbows the 'floating bridge of heaven'.  There will always be a rainbow after the rain.

I wont just believe in luck, but I think it's a good thing to carry in my back pocket as we go through our journey in life.

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