Monday, November 30, 2009

In the pink!

Who says the traditional colors of Christmas are green & red? Why can't they be pink? Wouldn't this little snowgal with her pink tassled hat be a welcome surprise in your mailbox? I found a little box of images that I drew last year and decided to just plop them on a few cards and see what I could come up with! Ta-da!!!

Yay! Bubba is home safe and sound. He was at a hockey tournament all weekend in Columbus Ohio.... we didn't chaperone, nor did we attend. It was nice to get him back last night at 10pm. His high school club team were the champs of the tournament, coming home with a nice trophy (that I didn't get to see). Sunny and cold today, it's warmed up to 25 for our frosty walk this morning, the boys were in quite a fiesty mood. Yes, we still have Tucker, we're slow ... he has been the perfect (well) doggie the past week, at times so adorably sweet! Why does he have to turn into Kujo??

1 comment:

Kim H. said...

Your card just ticked me pink! It is so cute! WOO HOO for Bubba! Tucker makes life interesting! I hope he stays a good boy!


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