Thursday, November 05, 2009

You can never have enough....

birthday cards! Although I feel as though I make a ton of cards, I find sometimes that the cards in my inventory, be it they are ALL wonderful, just don't fit the bill when it comes to someone special. I found this layout here, at Lauren's blog and decided to make 2, exactly and only two cards..... no, these were fun, but a little more work than I'm used to. Wow! once again, well always, I'm blown away by the creativity of some of these designers.... I can't imagine trying to come up with something new and fresh all the time. I'm one of the lucky ones and I USE these designers to get my base idea and create from there!

I have to give credit to my dad! I'm not one to actually say this out loud... but "bless him", he thought all those cute critters I drew for my cards were my own!!! Hasn't he been keeping up with me on this blog??? Really!!!! I will state in my post when a drawing is strictly mine.... like Charley the dog is mine... and mostly Cooper the dog is mine... but pretty much everything else is CASED.... now would I get in trouble with a trademark or a copyright.... I'm sure my drawing which is NOT traced... has enough oddities and quirks that I've altered it slightly ~ that although I admit I'm a good copier.... my drawings are very close... yet different!! Some would ask, and there are those who have.... why don't you draw your own characters (or submit your cards to magazines) it's way much easier to copy these cute imaginative creations!!! I'm lazy! I admit it!

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Kim H. said...

These are gorgeous Birthday cards! Lots of layers of love! I am lazy too!


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