Friday, November 27, 2009

I punched out some friends!!

Well that title sounds a bit mean don't you think? But the results are actually very, very, very cute. Punches that create holiday friends. If you are a card maker it's very easy to see the circle punch, and the scallop punch, the flower punch, the oval punch & top note. These little guys are so fun! It's almost thinking outside the box of what you can do with these shapes.... ok .... don't think I'm that smart.... at all..... all ideas are CASed. Like usual! But look at the fun!!!

Here's Mr. Owl, with his sleeping half closed eyes! Stars for his feet!

Next: Good ole Santa Claus.... the extra pink inked edges make his nose oh so special. Love cuttlebugging the swirls for his hat and beard! Beady little black eyes.... I need to add a twinkle!

And finally: Perky & Cute penguin with his scarf and holding a snowflake. With his floppy feet and beak!

So fun, so adorable, so easy. Thanks for coming by and checking out the blog! Happy Black Friday!!!

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