Thursday, November 12, 2009

Emptying the IN box

Weird, weird week for me... working a temp. job. It's really been cutting into my creative time and I'm sort of freaking out! These two cards are the last of my latest! I love drawing these blossoms and blooms. Nothing difficult here, and all is pretty much self explanatory, cute colors, nice layouts, a little ribbon, a doodle here and there.

The flowers on the 2nd card are from Stamps by Judith, a flower stub!

So here's what I've been doing at the temp job: taping together small boxes, unloading big boxes from a cart that hold 500 envelopes worth of Visa cards, separating envelopes into qtys of 200 to go in the smaller boxes, moving the boxes back and forth to the floor, then picking up boxes to reverse the order of the envelopes, waiting to have the boxes checked, putting packaging material into the box, taping shut, moving the box once again back onto the cart. 93 boxes the first day (million $ order) then after that, the days have all been a blur. Putting stickers on boxes, pulling stickers off of Subway gift cards, putting stickers on Best Buy cards, repeat......Last day today? Stretching as I type!

1 comment:

Kim H. said...

Oh these are awesome! I love the layouts and the colors! Like I said before work is work these days! The extra $$ is nice - hang in there!


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