Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanks a latte!

I love all of these 'pun' type of cards. Now that I expanded my liquid horizons, it's fun to ask someone to join you for a cup o joe, with a cute card like this. Right now I'm drinking some hot Chai tea, to warm my innards. Not that it's that cold out.... warm drinks or I should say "hot" drinks totally warm up my inside.... sometimes so much that if it's just a tad warm outside, I start to sweat. (hand drawn, but not my design dad:0)

I think because of the fuss over Starbucks and gift cards last spring, I started getting interested in iced coffee. I haven't quite found THE recipe, yet.... but a little bit of ice, brewed Starbucks coffee (chilled) skim milk, little flavored creamer and a packet of sweet n low.
Wow, busy.... the temp job I got on Friday that was only two days, last night they asked if I could come back three more days! Little bit boring work, but.....

1 comment:

Kim H. said...

Oh Peggy this is sooooo adorable! I love COFFEE! Starbucks is to pricey for me though :( Work- take it when you can! You go girl!


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