Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birthday ~ Make Up

Okay, because I was down, I need to catch up here on my blog and not only give you One birthday card, but two, TWO I say!! My typing skills seem rusty, I'm making mistakes on every word, YIKES!!! Could it be my nimble fingers, full of paper cuts, are having a tough time keeping rhythm on the keys????

The first card is an Old case from Stampin with Markies Mom. She's moved away from all the dots and the layers, so I go into her old posts and find things I like to get more ideas to create. I think I counted on the first card of hers.... over 13 layers. That's a ton! Here there are about 9. Love the color combo. And yes, her cards take more time to create, but they sure are fun!!

Next up: something better in real life, I liked the simplicity. Next time I'll find a stamped cake to use. Embossing powder in a pewter-ish color. Stamp the image with versa mark, then emboss, cut out image and use pop ups, voila!!

On the dog front: we still have Tucker, he's actually sitting in my lap as I type this. We called our vet, and his suggestions are to call the rescue that we got him (since we signed a no euthanasia clause) and find out if they will take him back. We will fully disclose his odd Kujo behavior. He's looking at me with those puppy eyes...... this is hard!!!

Don't know if I'm working Friday or not..... you know if you are out there shopping and buying gift cards? we are the ones out there getting the gift cards out to the people!!! I'm sure there will be.... more to come......

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