Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Need something a little perky today!

I believe this layout was one of the challenges a few weeks ago on SCS. I don't necessarily follow the challenge, but when I see all the posts in the gallery that have a theme running through them, I have an AHA moment.

It seems this layout had the triangles coming in from the sides. Like I said a few days ago, I really like the pun cards. Some clever person out there in blog land, design land... coming up with all of this stuff. Hats off to you.... I give EVERYONE credit where credit is due!!!! Card makers, paper designers, challenge designers, bloggers.... you are ALL awesome. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

I'm starting to work on Holiday cards, just general Christmas cards.... I have an idea about my family card.... but this year I'm sending out fewer and making it way simple. I will also put my 'newsy' Christmas letter on my blog.... why waste a tree!!!! Stayed tuned for that!

Rainy day, that's okay. I'm off to work day 9. The physical part of lifting the boxes is getting tiring... can't wait to see the first paycheck..... I'm there at least until the end of this week. Can't see doing this job.... FOREVER.... but glad to dabble in shipping and boxing, labeling etc.....

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Kim H. said...

Super duper fun card! I love this chick! The triangle work really well with this card!

I have never done a Christmas letter do too- killing a tree to send it! I am doing postcards this year- more GREEN! Less paper used!

WOO HOO for an up coming payday! Chels and I are going to the stamps and scrapbooking expo in Madison this weekend. You going?


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