Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hang in there!

Way to too to too cute!!! Can I say that my own cards are really cute??? Love this stuff! Love it cuz I can draw it, love it because it's clever, love it cuz I have the supplies and tools to re-create it!!! Used some jute to make the clothes line. Used markers to color in. Cuttlebugged the bubble background.

Seems like nothing ever changes, but then all of sudden you look at what you have and where you've been, and it seems like everything HAS changed!!!

It's supposed to be a beautiful fall day here in Illinois, finally a sunny day to enjoy! I'm so excited to get things done (can you believe I'm excited to say I can't wait to do housework).... because I worked this past week... clocked in 37.5 hours this week at the temp job.... that is a lot going from 0-37.... so many things to do, so much sunshine to enjoy. Hope y'all have a great day. Stay tuned for more cards and more family fun around our house!!!

1 comment:

Kim H. said...

OMG this is adorable! I love it! The textures are great! You did clock a lot of hours this week! WOO HOO!


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