Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Fall

Brrrrrr.... this morning it says 40 degrees on my little thermometer. Brrrrr again!! I think I'll wait another half hour til the sun is higher to take the dogs for a walk. Look at this fun card! The background paper comes from a small fall paper pack, I just love it! Then I saw a sketch for this layout and thought, perfectly simple!!!

Last night I went to watch Sissy play an 'away' game. The city is Woodstock, best known for the filming of Ground Hogs Day with Bill Murray. They built a new high school that opened up last year. I thought... I'd see where the new school was. I turn on Nancy (the name of my GPS) and plug in the address.... 20 minutes later I'm in some farmers field. Wrong turn??? I go back out the way I came in and see a eeenny tiny sign at my last turn that says the highschool is the opposite direction. Mmmmm, something tells me that google search has put in the wrong address for the school! I show up a few minutes late and walk in.... the score is 18-10 we're up! I'm thinking I wasn't THAT late.... come to find out it was actually the 2nd game, they started 30 minutes early because this new school doesn't have a JV team! Sissy's team won by the way!

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