Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ornament Twig Tree & Wacky Treasure Box

Hey.... here are two ideas posted for Highlowaha.... if you are curious, go back to that blog and check out what I mean!!!

A sample of a twig tree.... but you could make your own

I did take a picture of Cheryl's boxes!!!

PS: make sure you scroll down to today's actual post below this one!!!


Kim H. said...

These are cool makes me want to try to make these little boxes! So, I have been checking out the highlowaha website- not sure I really get the whole thing yet- could be the 4 year old standing next to me going is that Handy Mandy??? I like that guy (Ray Wattson)LOL!

Katie K said...

Kim! We're glad to hear that you like Ray! He is the mascot for our blog and is trying to spread his message of SHINE to the world around him. Our blog is a place where we come together as a community to share creative ideas for life. Sometimes this may be a crafty items, some days it's creative thinking, and other days it's just sharing the creative ways we embrace the lifestyle we lead. Keep checking us out and consider dropping a comment to let us know that you're there! We're always excited to see a new reader!


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