Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just my 'type'

Here I am using my newest SU! stamp.... love this old typewriter with the paper coming up.  It is very cute! I have been making a few mini scrap books and have lots of scraps left over.... so as a boarder around the solid colors I thought that this would be a perfect fit.  Browns and the teal blues are my go to color combination recently.

I'm thinking maybe I'll make some of my own background paper someday soon.  (If I say it outloud, then I might do it) but I have this typewriter, and old grandfather clock, a skeleton key, a hot air balloon and a bird cake.... and make some 'old fashioned paper in browns and sepia tones... antique stuff is still in.... vintage cards are the rage!!!

Tip of the day:  when brushing your teeth, not only should you brush your tongue, but also your lips.  We often neglect our lips when it comes to cleanser, (who wants a soapy mouth) but the brush action on your lips actually exfoliates the skin and you'll find it stimulates your smile..... try it!

1 comment:

K Hutchinson said...

Such a fun card! Love the colors! Thanks for the great tip! I will try it :)


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