Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Told ya!

More butterflies!

I've just realized, well not really... I've come to a realization ... that there are some great designer papers out there, and I'm missing out! As much as I want to use and recycle my old, OLD, OLd stuff... did I mention OLD (its like 7 years) the colors and styles just aren't hip and cool enough.... I could say something in regard to that.... what does it really matter since I'm giving away more cards than I'm selling.... but there is something about the new paper and designs..... what, I can't just toss away perfectly good paper. This is not old DP.... it's from a tiny pad that I got on sale somewhere... love the plum/eggplant and the green/moss color combo. And you can only order this great paper on line... I'm not finding anything worthy at HL or M's.

I can't keep up..... I've been reading too many cute blogs. These ladies are so darn creative. They are on design teams and have been published in card maker magazines. Some have waited two years and they finally see a card they submitted. Wow!!!

Grey day today. I see more ground than snow covering. The yucky thing about this time of year is the mud.... on 8 paws, ugh!!! Bubba finished up some ACT & SAT classes after school the past two days. He is pumped on what it will take to study up for those college exams. Good luck Bubba!!! I bet you didn't know that the entire time I'm writing this post my little buddy has been on my lap! Tucker loves to just lay there with his head falling off the side watching the birdies come to the bird feeder outside the kitchen picture window.
Hump Day!

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K Hutchinson said...

Pretty card! That paper you are not so fond of gesso it up and add a wash of color- you will love it then! SMILE!

Good Luck to Bubba!


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