Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I saw this card over the weekend at Smiley Collectors blog and thought it was simply adorable and a must do! So I did! Since I am cheap (frugal) instead of buying the paper Prima flowers that come in the 'got milk' type of containers.... I bought tons of flower stems 1/2 off... in white and discovered and re-discovered that you can just 'ink' the white ones to match.... so I did. I can always work on my stitching and edge inking, but I think anyone who receives this card wouldn't look so close as to see if I 'messed up' anywhere.
And then the most important part, the inside is done too! Sure completes the card!

Yay! Another day in a row of SUNSHINE! & blue skies. The snow is starting to melt, although it is covering EVERYWHERE, it's slowly sinking into the ground. The birds are out chirping this morning, sounds like a spring day. The Domestic Diva cleaned some more grout in the kitchen tile (she's been doing about 4' x 4' spots at a time) she even ironed a few things yesterday, mirrors were done too! She needs to be paid more, I think! 10 feet need to go for a walk. Thank you very much to my small fan base who often read and comment to my blog! You brighten my day like the ice crytals reflecting in the sun! :0)

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K Hutchinson said...

This is adorable! Your stitching is great! WOO HOO for the sunshine!


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