Monday, December 01, 2014

Shiny and New

Thanksgiving has come and gone.

The kids were home for a few days for their fall break.  Now they both have gone back to school.

The two inches of snow we had on the ground melted with sunshine and 46 degree temperatures this weekend.

And, the few bucks we had in our pocket are definitely spent!  

One surprise purchase was a new microwave.  Ugh, right before our Thanksgiving feast!  Thank goodness for early Black Friday sales.... we hope, we think we got a deal.

I started to reheat some left overs and the microwave light came on.  The keypad worked as I entered the time to reheat, and the turntable inside rotated as the power started.  Three minutes later I pulled out my food, and it was still cold.  That was weird!!!!

I tried again.  Nothing happened.  Then I put a glass measuring cup filled with water and powered up the oven.  Lights, motor and turntable all worked.... but the water was still cold.  Something was wrong, but what?

The hubby and I ran errands and one of them was stopping at our local appliance store.  The magnetron tube was kaput and we had run out the warranty about a year and half ago.  The part would run us over $170, not including labor.  All said and done, to repair the unit would cost up to $300!  Yikes!

That was information from the parts department.  From the sales department they told us a replacement for the same current model was on sale for Black Friday deals.  He gave us a price of $320.  A new unit for 20 bucks more?  Maybe.

So, the hubby checked online and found a 'great' deal at a big box store near his office and was able to find the exact microwave we wanted for $250.  

Right before the big day I had a shiny and new, working microwave.  I am very thankful.  And I am very blessed.

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