Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Simple Ride

Per usual, I get so excited when something comes together that I have seen, worked on in my mind and then when I put it to paper...shaazam.... it turns out.

How can I explain this picture ....

It is mixed media.
It is approx. 12" x14", thin painters canvas. 
I ripped pieces of two different colors of patterned paper, one in blues .... for the sky and.... one in greens for the land.  Then I mod podged (glued randomly) the paper pieces on the board.  After a few days when I had free time, I started to sketch out the bike/basket/flowers and painted them in. 
I am a realist in so many ways and would like to paint that way... real and how I see it, but this is one dimensional and sort of country folk art-ish!
I added some random white dots from a small portion of painted bubble wrap.  After the painting was dry, I used the computer for the sentiments, and sealed the picture with another coat of mod podge. Up close you can see the bumpy texture of all the layers.... which creates the 'mixed' media.

To go along with the painting, I created a 'mini me' greeting card.  A much smaller version on a 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" card.
I am very happy the way these two projects turned out!!! Success!
Come back and visit me again..... to see what I'm creating!!

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