Monday, November 17, 2014

Before, After & After

Last weeks' post was a view into our backyard.

This tree always lets the leaves 'fall' so late. 
All of our other trees have been empty for almost 3 weeks.  But this huge mulberry tree loves to hang on to its' leaves until the middle of November.  We used to place a bet in the family, and whoever guessed closest to the 'release' date, won the pot!  But now since we are an empty bets!  The backyard looked like this on Monday, November 10, 2014. 
It was a nice fall day with temps in the mid 50s.

This is the backyard on Tuesday the 11th.  Over night and through most of the morning the tree just let it go...... and now it looked like this..... the temperature was dropping fast and it was only in the upper 20s that day.
We waited until this past weekend (Saturday) and mowed, mulched, raked and blew tons of leaves.  It took hours.... I was exhausted .... and I didn't get a photo.... until Sunday morning when the yard looked like this.....

Good thing we had a very small window to clean up the majority of the leaves!!!  Fall and winter in less than 7 days.  The lovely mid-west.
I still love this view.... every day!!!  Before and after!

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