Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Any Combination Works


I recently had a card order that I was excited to create and complete. 

Here are my cute creative greeting cards for this week.

Just like I hear and read about all the time, paper crafters are paper hoarders.  We buy lots of pretty papers that we love.  We use our papers, but we also just like to hoard them and say .... oh, maybe on the next project I will use this paper.  Or, it has to be a real special card that gets this paper!!! Or we just like to touch and look at ALL of our pretty papers!!!!

This celebrate card can be be made in hundreds of different ways, just by changing out the color scheme for the stars.  For a baby card you could use pastel colors, more feminine? pinks ..... school colors for a graduation.... silvers and gold for a milestone birthday... or, quite literally any combination in-between .... for anything!

I'm liking the layers and the textures on this card.  You can even pull out the little 'note' and write a surprise sentiment on the back.... tuck it back into the envelope, open the card and sign something on the inside.... two for one!! Depending how thick you want the card... you could tie a pretty bow or even add a gift card.  Again, this type of card can be made with any colors of patterned paper.

The card above could be any color combination.  And to make the card a bit more whimsical, I could add my Bee stamp... or even make a cute paper punched little winged bee that would pop off the card.

And finally in this set .... thinking ahead, a 5 pak of Christmas cards.  Although there are lots of bits and pieces added to this card, it is very simple with a simple sentiment.
So, there you go.  Here are the creative greetings I've made over the past week. 
Can I make something for you?  And help you Brighten Someones' Day???

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