Friday, November 07, 2014

Established in 1990

I love the way this sign turned out.  It is a Pinterest success. 
I have posted about my chalkboard signs before. 
Earlier, you saw this sign in my fall basket on the front porch ....

According to the directions on the chalkboard ink pen, I was supposed to be able to erase the letters.  I used a rag and nothing smudged.  I got a corner of the rag damp and tried to wipe away Trick-or-Treat... a bit of a smudge.... but my spider didn't go away. 
 I figured that on this cabinet door that is about 10" x 14",  it had absorbed the black chalkboard paint and it wasn't going to be cleaned that easily.  Now too, it had absorbed the chalk ink.  Fine, I didn't want to scrub and rub all the black paint off, so I took the sign outside and sprayed a new layer of black paint over the text. 
And I started a new project on a 'clean' slate.
I figured the new sign would have to be a permanent sign.... I had seen ideas all over Pinterest, fun stuff about family, and decided the Robinson's needed to be reminded when they were established.  
This is how it turned out!!!
Stay tuned for the rest of the story!!!

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