Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Make Like a Tree... and Leave

I see a mess outside my kitchen window. This is the view into our backyard.

However, when I saw this picture I took, it doesn't look that bad.  (Have I ever mentioned that I love having my camera on my iphone.... instant pictures.... so cool)

But believe me, wet, soggy leaves from this huge mulberry tree and the huge hostas that scatter around the base .... looks like a lot of work to me!!! The tree in psychological terms is ... still half full!!! Eight years now, this tree always decides to let go into almost mid-November.

The temperature is dropping from the high 50s yesterday to the low 30s tomorrow.  Frozen leaves anyone???

I am always grateful to sit at my kitchen table and type my blog.... while I get to see first hand all that nature IS, just outside my very own window.  I am truly blessed.

How can I Brighten Someones Day .... today! :0)

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