Tuesday, November 18, 2014

One Potato, Two

Just like any new fad or trend ... it got started for a number of reasons.  Someone saw it and filled a need or a void.  It's possible that the trend setter tells all about how and why it started .... but sometimes it's not known who started it or why .... and when you see a lot of people getting on board and following, you can't help yourself but be part of it too.

It's simple and it's positive, finding hearts in all of nature's elements!  They reveal themselves everywhere!
Moved by a simple message that beauty, and love, radiate all around us, ready to inspire, uplift, even heal in some small way, if we're open to receiving them. This according to my initial Google search on 'finding hearts in unusual places'.  Here
Throughout this past year, I have found hearts in an sun filled illuminated Grapevine leaf in Missouri, to a small rough rock embedded in the ground on a Geocache hunt. And it's true.....they often reveal themselves to those who are ready to receive them!

Over the weekend I opened my 8 pound potato bag and the first potato I pulled out was the one above.  Surprised, I had to go find my iPhone so I could take a picture.  This potato was too big to be baked with the evening meal, and I really didn't want to spoil my heart find .... so I pulled out the next potato ... and look....
... a baby heart.  Worthy of another picture.
Finding hearts in dirt and garbage has the same sort of spiritual quality, only the heart shape is more universal. Its magic comes not just in the power of sharing it, but in the new way people begin to look at the scenery around them — and the different ways they find to connect with a simple shape.
And this too, relates (in my mind) to my Year of Possibilities.  Finding something positive, learning to bring my SHINE on and working toward sharing and Brightening Someone's Day!
Finding hearts is not only fun to do, but it's a positive reinforcement that there is a lot of good happening in the world.

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