Monday, December 08, 2014

Bring on more Men

Every year at about this time, it's quite obvious that I'm obsessed with a certain man. 

Really, there are all kinds of these men everywhere.  And I am pretty much in love with the cuter ones!!!!

Snowmen .... of course!!!

I like to make them.  

This time round I saw a metal spoon, pounded flat and painted with a fluffy figure.  So, I had to go get my own cheap spoons, flatten them (tiny sledge hammer and metal bar from my jewelry making) and paint them.  Then I added a few important accessories to his image, heart, earmuffs, scarf and bird house.... and then a little bling to the handle,..wire, bead and bow!

Oh, I can't make just one!  

And, there might be more in my future.

Add to the gift..... a tag, of course with a stamped snowman and the present is all ready for giving!

These kind of men melt my heart!!! And Brighten my Day!

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