Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Reindeer Games

Sometimes, well often times .... I don't think before I speak.

At work, there are plans for a holiday party, a secret Santa gift exchange, and an ugly sweater contest. 

Since I'm not really interested the 'contest' I really don't care to make a big deal out of it.  I actually have stuffed in a corner of my closet a one owner original 'cute' ugly sweater from the '80s that I can wear.

There is a buzz of excitement with some employees of 'what to wear'.  

Who knew that ugly sweater parties were such a big ta do??  Jay, one of the employees has been pressured to wear a sweater and saw that I created a few uglies to sell on the display rack at work.  He took me up on the offer to beautify his purchase.  I made sure that he didn't want to wear his $2 sweater again.  He assured me it was just for the event!

So I took this....

Checked out 'Ugly Sweaters' on Pinterest and found this.... (cute guy)

.... and using supplies I had on hand, a glue gun, some scissors and a strict 1/2 hour time limit.... came up with this.

Now, I don't know if Jay will win the best UGLIEST sweater, but with the little jingle bell added to the pom pom nose.... you can't help but think it's kinda cute.... too!!!!

This is another Pinterest SUCCESS for me.

I'll let you know what my co-worker thinks and the reaction he gets for this silly little sweater party. What will they think of next for the holiday parties..... reindeer games????

Go Brighten Someones Day and SHINE!!!!

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