Monday, December 15, 2014

It's a Party(napkin)

I have a lot of different 'issues'.  

I'm going to write about one of them on today's blog post.

I collect napkins.  Cocktail and dinner sizes.

I collect all kinds of napkins.  

In the picture below is a napkin over 24 years old. (Extra wedding napkins)

There is another napkin that is 20 years old.  (my #1 child had his #1 birthday)

I need help!

In all honesty, however, I have 4 or 5 each of these napkins. 

The next time we had a family party I couldn't celebrate the event with four napkins.... so, I had to go out and buy more.  If you figure that on an average every year we would have a least 4 birthday parties, holidays like Christmas and Halloween and then special events like graduations and picnics in the park .... and through the years I have just collected them in a box .... but only 4 or 5 of each.... I have lots of unused pretties that I couldn't just throw away ...

.... a pile of fun napkins!!!

As a 'new years resolution'.... I have decided not to purchase every day paper napkins for the kitchen table.  

In 2015 we will use up all of our party napkins.  We will use them every day and make each day a remembrance of all the special parties we've had in the past. It will be a party of napkins.... not on special days.... but every day.... until we run out!

Use up, reuse, recycle ....It will brighten our kitchen table..... every day!

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