Friday, January 09, 2015

Create, Everyday

I'm feeling a bit creative in this first full week of 2015.  

I actually signed up for two on-line classes and so many ideas are floating in my head.  If I work hard and practice new techniques and follow some new tips I learned... it will all help me PROGRESS in my creative process.

I like acrylic paint, but I haven't quite felt comfortable using it as an art medium.  I think one of the  main issues I have, is that I'm frugal (cheap) and I have low quality paints and even simpler, poor brushes, that leave little hairs behind while I paint.  Painting with acrylic and using brushes is still a 'work in progress' for me.

The good thing about art is that it comes in many forms.  Just like people.... so different, yet similar.  I can always fall back on little pieces of artwork on a creative greeting!! Cardmaking!!! And with the above picture I added the text ( quotes that I will incorporate in my artwork) with Photoshop.  The birdies are just odd shaped circled patterned paper... and then I just add a simple doodle to outline the shape and make them into cute characters with wonky legs and odd feathers.

I've had a little extra me time (even though I have a full house) this week.... 

I have to stop thinking and start doing.  
Stay tuned!  

Thanks for visiting!  
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