Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Our House is Full

Well, we are into the 3rd week of 2015, how is it going????

It's Tuesday, I've not been scheduled to work today.  

Little fluffy tufts of snow are falling from the sky, it's kind of grumpy out and it's a cold 18 degrees outside.  Last week at this time it was only about -4 out, so today is an improvement in weather.  

It must be brunch time at the bird feeder, I can't even count how many are feasting outside my kitchen window.  It's fun to watch them push their way in to their feeding perch.  And in unison, they fly away.....

The other night with a full house it was just about sunset and I looked out into the backyard.  Walking slowly toward the bird feeder was a big buck.  How do you determine his size... huge antlers and 5 or 6 points sticking out??  He was very cautious as he walked within 10 feet of the house, he had seen movement inside.  That's because I told everyone to freeze and look out back.  School has yet to begin for the spring semester and my two children are still at home, on break.  Four adults in our house now.... we all turned to window and were just astonished at the bravery of this buck.  We've seen deer hundreds of times in our back yard, but it still is an awesome sight.

Cooper the dog sensing something was up, walked to window to peer out ... and was not very happy to see the buck coming so close to his home.  He let out a howl and notice to the buck to go away.... guard dog on duty!!! And in a blink the buck turned and was gone.  For just a moment... everything was still.

In the mean time, I'm doing some painting.  Using acrylic paint and other mixed media I'm attempting to 'create' something every day.  Right now it's these little paintings in an art journal, approximately 6"w X 9"H.  They are still a work in PROGRESS.  I'm searching the internet and looking though books to learn more about painting. This time around I'm also trying to incorporate inspiring quotes that I have found.  I'm mixing it all up and then attempting to put it all back together ... color, shading, realistic, whimsical, positive and uniquely me!

It's Tuesday.  I've finished my iced coffee.  I am in awe of nature outside my window to the world.  And I have just about finished my blog post for today.

I think I've made some PROGRESS.

Found this this other day, watch for it on a 'painting' some day soon.... I am just striving to be more me than I have ever been!

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